VIP Sparklers is the leading company in the United States for champagne bottle sparklers, wedding sparklers, and club novelty items. Our customer service is unparalleled in the event industry. We pride ourselves on working alongside some of the most premiere event planning companies for the past decade. This has made VIP Sparklers the leading supplier in nightclub supplies and sparklers. We continue to enhance the nightlife experience at a wide variety of venues including: clubs, lounges, parties, weddings, restaurants, hotels, cruise lines, and specific events. VIP Sparklers adds a unique touch to just about any event with our Premium Sparklers! Contact us via email or call our main office to see how we can add sparks of entertainment and help make lasting impressions on your guests and customers alike.

We have offices opening in New York City, Miami, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Washington DC, and Philadelphia, allowing us to provide our clients with the premium service and fast shipping they deserve. Our clients and customers also have the convenient option to order their favorite champagne ViP bottle sparklers, big birthday cake sparklers, fountain candles, wedding sparklers, and other party supplies directly from our site!


We are excited to introduce our new safety bottle clips for our champagne bottle sparklers, formerly known as big birthday cake sparklers and fountain candles. Our reusable clips safely attach to any size spirit bottle! These bottle sparklers are designed them with style and functionality in mind. This product provides safety for your staff and customers! Please take a moment to check out the bottle clips and other sparkler accessories on our product page. At ViP Sparklers, we look forward to helping you create the perfect memorable event!


Our Wedding sparklers are trending and becoming increasingly popular. Our wedding sparklers have been featured in premiere wedding magazines as the best and most exciting way to leave lasting memories on your special wedding day! Let us help you guide the newlyweds as they exit the chapel or event onto their honeymoon with a shower of sparks! We carry multiple sized sparklers to accommodate all demands. We are the only company on the market to individually customize your sparkler order with the attention and care you deserve. We walk with you step by step until the final flame is out! We even offer our brand new wedding sparklers designed specifically for wedding toasts and first dances! We also offer bulk wedding sparklers at a premium discount and our extra long sparklers are gaining attention! We are now happy to offer all sizes for our wedding sparklers. We now offer the #10 wedding sparklers, #20 wedding sparklers, and our most popular #36 wedding sparklers! Jump on over to our wedding sparklers section!


At ViP Sparklers, we know how important you big day is and want to give you the perfect departure to the end of your wedding night! As the bride and groom to be, we understand that you have a million things on your minds. We want the purchase of our ViP wedding sparklers to be one less thing about which to worry! Our reputation, our customer service, and our products, which have been see on and Bride Magazine, make us your best option! Unlike product made out of bamboo, which emit larger amounts of smoke with unknown burn times, our wedding sparklers are made from a wire core, which give off the best spark with lasting burn time and minimal smoke! All of our wedding sparklers create the perfect scene for photography and capturing the moment you drive off with your newlywed! Make an exit to remember with our ViP wedding sparklers!  When it comes to finding and trusting a reliable wedding sparklers company look no further than ViP Sparklers.  We have recently teamed up with Shopper Approved to gather one on one feedback with our brides, and the results have surpassed even our own expectations.  Our goal is to always hear back from our brides after the wedding ceremony is over and not only make sure the wedding day sparklers went off perfectly, but to hear first hand experiences about the sparklers at the wedding.  We even love to receive photo’s of the sparkling exit at your wedding to share on our wedding blog to help future brides plan their wedding sparkler exit.


With a new addition to our wedding products, we have added heart shaped wedding sparklers! These heart shaped wedding sparklers will make a staple on any wedding it attends. These wedding sparklers will steal the show and help take amazing photography. These heart shaped wedding sparklers will lasts for about 75 to 90 seconds. These unique sparklers are our newest product! They are absolutely perfect for weddings! Our heart shaped sparklers are much larger and last longer than the competitions sparklers. Our wedding sparklers and heart shaped sparklers are guaranteed the best on the market.  Supplying Cheap Heart Sparklers to our brides is important and something our team at ViP Sparklers has brought to the table and we consider all of our products wholesale sparklers. We want all of our heart sparkler and wedding products affordable for all brides wanting them at the end of their wedding night.  These heart sparklers are the perfect mix to use with our exit sparklers.  When the bride and groom exit with a mix of both heart sparklers and wedding sparklers its create some of the most amazing wedding exit photography possible.  A lot of times these sparklers shaped like hearts are used for fun photo’s with the bridal party.  It’s always a great idea to use these bulk heart sparklers as wedding favors at each wedding parties tables.  Bringing sparklers to everyone’s attention at their wedding table helps ensure they will stay until the very end of the wedding night to partake in all of the sparkling celebration. This is why our wedding sparklers and heart shaped sparklers have been used by the most prestigious event planning companies in the country. Our Heart Shaped Sparklers, #10 inch wedding sparklers,#20 inch wedding sparklers, and #36 inch sparklers are all packaged in our custom designed white boxes with cursive print which were specifically designed to be romantic and stylish!


When the time comes to buy sparklers remember ViP Sparklers offers the highest quality in wedding sparklers and a brand you can count on! Even great for creative wedding ideas, romantic moments, anniversary ideas, and those exciting wedding pictures, always consider adding our premium wedding sparklers to your moment! With a variety of all types of celebration sparklers you do not need to look any further than where you are currently at.  Every event gets the same attention and service it deserves whether your event is small or large with our celebration sparklers.  With our staff and locations around the United States getting the sparklers you need in time is not an issue whatsoever.  If you are in a pinch with time constraints, please call our offices directly and our knowledgeable staff will do everything we can to make your event sparkle.

Buy Sky Lanterns

We offer the best sky lanterns to create a unique experience for your special event or celebration. The experience of releasing sky lanterns into the sky creates a mesmerizing moment. Our high quality Sky Lanterns offer the perfect addition to your upcoming event celebration. They make a great replacement to traditional balloons as they will light up the night sky at your event! Our flying lanterns are made from organic materials to ensure they are safe for the environment.  Visit our Sky Lantern page now to purchase a sky lantern today. We offer free shipping as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  These flying lanterns are great for wedding wishes and send off’s for all romantic celebrations.  When you buy sky lanterns from us, you get everything in one kit so it’s extremely easy to send off!  All you will need to do is open up the lantern and place the candle in the middle and easily light the floating lanterns.  After about one minute the heat will expand in the lantern and they will slowly rise and you will be able to watch them float into the night.  We offer bulk flying lanterns at the best prices on the internet.  Our quality of wish lanterns speak for themselves and we look forward to make your event memorable and to help light up the sky!

Nightclub Supplies

We offer a comprehensive catalogue of nightclub supplies for your special events. We pride ourselves in being the premier nightlife supplies of premium sparklers, LED strobe batons, LED nightclub menus, club glow necklaces and more nightclub supplies. Take a look around our various nightclub products so you can buy the best nightclub supplies for your upcoming nightlife events!  When we first launched ViP Sparklers our champagne bottle sparklers put us on the map as the first company to offer these exciting nightclub and bar sparklers.  Having these nightclub bottle sparklers for over ten years has helped us build amazing relationships with all venues and clubs across the country.  Today we are happy to carry the best club supplies at the best price point available.  All of our cheap nightclub supplies are customizable and ship fast.  Whether your looking at our dessert sparklers, premium sparklers, or our night glow products.  You can easily find all of our novelty nightclub products out and about at bars in your local city all the way to the strip on Las Vegas.  When it comes to helping make your venue stand out and help create unique experiences, be sure to check out our nightclub supplies section!  If you have any questions about bulk supplies for nightclubs don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us directly as we love working with partners and larger venues.  Our products for nightclubs and bars are geared towards large and small venues as our goal is to make everyone feel VIP!  

LED Nightclub Products

At ViP Sparklers we didn’t stop creating when we had immediate success with our nightclub bottle sparklers ten years ago.  Our goal is to continue to strive in finding the innovative bar and nightclub products while making sure they are affordable for all.  We’ve recently launched two of our new and most exciting products to date.  Our LED Strobe baton, which is the number one alternative to nightclubs that can no longer use club sparklers.  These LED Nightclub Strobe batons carry powerful bright LED lights that are sure to steal the show when walking through the nightclub with your staff to surely make them feel VIP.  The best part about these LED Strobe batons is they are reusable so your nightclub staff can continually use them over and over again. We have also introduced our LED Bottle Sparklers, which are the same as our bottle sparklers in size and even attach to the liquor bottle just like the big birthday cake sparklers.  Both of these LED products can be used at 100% of bars and nightclubs across the United States.  If you can no longer use bottle sparklers at your nightclub, do not miss out on these alternatives to generate the exact same effect, if not better!  Our LED catalog continues to grow for our nightclub supplies so please continue to check on our website periodically.  We do not flood the market with cheap LED products and only sell true LED nightclub products we feel are game changers and carry the quality that fits with the VIP standard.  Feel free to call our nightclub agents if you have any questions regarding our newest LED nightclub supplies.


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