How long do sparklers at a wedding last?

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that we want to remember for the rest of our lives. We work very hard to ensure that we have the perfect dress, cake, location, and decorations. As the bride and groom work to ensure that everything is just right for their big day, an increasing number of them are opting to use wedding sparklers to add that extra something and make their wedding a truly spectacular celebration.

These sparklers are frequently used to highlight the bride and groom as they leave the church or wedding venue. When deciding when to order wedding sparklers, we have one question: how long do wedding sparklers last? Will they last long enough for our celebration, or will they vanish before we can enjoy them? In reality, the length of time a sparkler will burn depends on which sparkler was chosen for the big event. Learn how to find high-quality wedding sparklers for your grand exit.

36-Inch Wedding Sparklers Burn Time

The 36-inch sparklers are the longest-lasting sparklers we have. Our wedding sparklers are triple dipped and can last for 3+ minutes, giving us plenty of time for photos while the bride and groom enter, exit, and kiss. They also give us plenty of time if we want to take separate photos with different groups. We are confident that a 36-inch sparkler will provide the bride and groom with the unforgettable experience they have always desired for their wedding day. If we really want to go big, we should get a 36-inch wedding sparkler.

20-Inch Wedding Sparklers Burn Time

The most affordable wedding sparklers are 20-inch sparklers. They are also double dipped, resulting in a bright and cheerful gold sparkle. Each 20-inch wedding sparkler burns for 2 minutes. This gives us plenty of time to leave our wedding in a relaxed and unhurried manner. Most of our wedding requirements are met by 20-inch sparklers.

14-Inch Wedding Sparklers Burn Time

14-inch sparklers are ideal for all intimate to medium-sized weddings and will ensure enough time to capture the bride and groom's dream wedding exit. Each 14-inch wedding sparkler burns for 90 seconds. These sparklers are a great way to get everyone involved in the ceremony and take photos that will last a lifetime.

Heart Shaped Sparklers 

Heart-shaped sparklers are unique in that they have two sparks that start at the top and go all the way around until they finish at the bottom, and they have a burn time of more than one minute. Heart-shaped sparklers add a romantic touch to a wedding reception. These sparklers pair well with any of the other sparklers available to create a show-stopping experience that will impress everyone in attendance. Consider how a heart-shaped sparkler on top of the cake or behind the lovely couple for their first kiss would make an impression.

Star Sparklers

Star-shaped sparklers are cool because when they are lit, two sparks go around the star, creating an amazing glowing effect on the photographs. These sparklers are 10-inches long and have a lifespan of 75 seconds. Star-shaped sparklers add a touch of class to a wedding reception. When we use star-shaped sparklers alone or in combination with other sparklers, we can create a star-studded event.

Premium Sparklers

Premium sparklers are almost completely smokeless, making them ideal for use at indoor weddings. It's wonderful to be able to add the elegance of sparklers to a wedding, even if it's an indoor affair. This also means that premium sparklers allow us to be prepared regardless of the weather on the big day. These sparklers last for one minute, giving the bride and groom enough time to exit in style. These sparklers are great for first dances and wedding toasts in addition to being used for the wedding exit. Premium sparklers will be available for use throughout our wedding.

It doesn't matter if we choose a premium sparkler that can be used inside and lasts 1 minute, a 36-inch sparkler that can last over 3 minutes, or a star or heart shaped sparkler to add that extra wow factor to the wedding celebration, we are sure to impress everyone in attendance. What could be better than planning a celebration that will be remembered fondly for years to come? Sparklers are an excellent addition to any wedding, regardless of the style. Let us teach you how to use sparklers on your wedding day!