Discount Sparklers

Discount Wedding Sparklers

VIP Sparklers is all about keeping your wedding budget in mind! We believe in treating our customers as true VIP’s, and thus offer exclusive sales and discounts on all our sparkler products. Normally, our stand alone sparkler prices are some of the most competitive prices in the sparkler industry; we even compete with top firework distributors! For example, we offer 48 of our most popular 36inch sparkler for $44.99 while our competitor charges a staggering $64.00 ticket price! VIP took it a step further and included FREE shipping on all orders over $25.00. We are also one of the only sparkler companies to offer expedited shipping to meet your wedding day deadline. Bride, Grooms, and venues can take advantage of the VIP perks with every purchase.

Sparklers For Sale

Wholesale sparkler packages are already in place so customers can start saving immediately! No coupon code is necessary to enjoy huge sparkler savings. For custom order quantities, customers are more than welcome to contact us; in the past, we created custom orders that included different sparkler sizes and quantities and even included FREE 10inch sparklers as our personal wedding gift!
Our cheap sparklers do not sacrifice quality at all. We offer top quality sparklers for amazing wedding photography. Due to the steel wire core, our cheap wedding sparklers are top quality firework products. Each sparkler burns evenly, consistently and with minimal smoke. The principle behind using sparklers for your wedding is to capture memorable sparkler photography. If you purchase cheap fireworks such as those used for July 4th to celebrate Independence Day, it will most likely emit large quantities of smoke. We are able to offer discounted sparklers without sacrificing the great quality they are known to have.

Sparklers For Weddings

In nearly every sparkler purchase, customers will use their wedding sparklers for a sparkler exit. Occurring at the end of the reception or ceremony, a sparkler exit is a growing modern twist on wedding exits. It is described as a bonding experience where wedding guests have a special participation in wishing the newlyweds a joyous future. The participating wedding guests normally form two parallel lines and create a sparkling runway for the bride and groom. Wedding Photographers are given several opportunities to capture breathtaking sparkler pictures, and they sure are breathtaking! With our top quality yet cheap wedding sparklers, your wedding exit will be one to remember!

During major holidays such as July 4th and New Years, we usually offer coupons with every sparkler order. The customer can purchase our discount wedding sparklers with additional sparkler coupons for even greater savings! We also offer discounts for military personnel, simply contact us for further details. Keep in mind that we always offer FREE shipping for orders over $25.00 even if you couple your order with current sales and/ or coupons! VIP Sparklers has also offered free giveaways during wedding season (May – September).
We are also working on a few brand new sparkler coupon codes that will include FREE upgraded shipping and FREE additional sparklers! Make sure you do not miss out on our exclusive sales by liking our FaceBook page for immediate updates!

Where to buy Cheap Sparklers

VIP Sparklers has built a user friendly website to meet your needs. We do not require every customer to create an account in order to place an order, so customers can complete their entire purchase in under 5 minutes! For customers seeking to personally pick up their bottle sparklers, we can only offer that service in our Miami office location (headquarters).
Customers also have the option of completing their order over the phone. You can call our toll free number or send us an email requesting a customer care agent to contact you. We encourage every customer to inquire about current promotions and sparkler sales!

Excellent Customer Care

We strive to improve and enhance every customers’ VIP experience. We are always experimenting with new methods that will essentially create a stress free and hassle free shopping experience. For instance, we launched our Chat Service several months ago. During our hours of operation, a chat agent is available to answer any sparkler questions or concerns about your order.
We want every bride and groom to experience their perfect sparkler exit! Enjoy discounted wedding sparklers that will surely complement your wedding budget. Bride and Grooms can also rest assure that they will be receiving top quality wedding sparklers for fantastic wedding photography. If you are considering sparklers for your wedding, VIP Sparklers guarantees it will be one of the most affordable items on your wedding favor list yet one of the most memorable of your wedding day!