Selecting Wedding Sparklers Between 20 and 36 Inches

We provide a wide variety of size and form options for wedding sparklers. Two of the most popular sizes of wedding sparklers are 20 inches and 36 inches. When organizing a wedding, we could be unsure on how to choose between these sparklers. Both are great options, but it all depends on how we'll use them in the ceremony and how long we want them to burn. More people will be able to see and photograph the sparklers as they burn for a longer period of time.

The Special Nature of Wedding Sparklers

Wedding sparklers are twice dipped to guarantee an even and bright flame. Regardless of the kind of wedding sparkler we select for our celebration, it will produce a brilliant golden light and shoot sparkling sparks into the air. Photographers will like the stunning backdrop these sparks produce. Wedding sparklers don't generate smoke like traditional sparklers do, making it possible to shoot sharper pictures and keep the focus on the happy couple. Sparklers can be used in a variety of ways during a wedding celebration.

Sparklers 20 inches long

The most affordable wedding sparklers are the 20-inch models, which are ideal for medium-sized events. These sparklers have undergone two dips, and they emit a lively and dazzling gold dazzle. Two minutes pass between each 20-inch wedding sparkler burning. This gives the pair plenty of time to go calmly and leisurely. Most of our wedding needs can be met with 20-inch sparklers.

Sparklers measuring 36"

Because they offer a long burn period and enable the couple to depart under a sparkling arch, 36-inch sparklers are the most common choice for weddings. You will have plenty of time to take pictures as you arrive and leave because these wedding sparklers are triple-dipped and may last for more than three minutes. Additionally, they provide you opportunity to take pictures of the wedding party or the couple kissing. 36-inch sparklers are best for photo opportunities and dramatic exits via arches. We will have the spectacular wedding we have always wanted if we use a 36-inch sparkler.

Sparklers with heart and star shapes:

We might decide to utilize decorative sparklers in the shapes of stars or hearts that, when lighted, form a pattern of stars or hearts. The lifespan of these sparklers, which are 10 inches long, is 75 seconds. Sparklers in the shape of hearts give our event a romantic flair and emphasize the couple's intense love. On the other hand, star sparklers lend an air of grandeur to our wedding festivities and can turn our occasion into a starry night. Everyone in attendance will be impressed by the show-stopping effect that can be produced by utilizing a range of sparklers.

The Best Wedding Sparklers to Choose

We choose the wedding sparklers based on how they will be used. We might prefer 36-inch sparklers that last longer if we want to create a grand send-off or use sparklers to proclaim the pair. We may want 20-inch sparklers or sparklers with hearts and stars if we plan to use sparklers as decorations or table centerpieces. This will draw attention to specific aspects of the event without taking away from the joyful couple.

Sparklers for a Wedding Exit or Farewell:

Sparklers are frequently used for the wedding departure at the conclusion of the ceremony. Before creating two lines to create a walkway or arch for the couple to run under, wedding guests can be given sparklers. This is a great approach to have a photographer to take beautiful and happy pictures of the couple and every visitor. Either our 20 or 36-inch sparklers could be used as a send-off. For a thorough understanding of arranging the ideal send-off, consult our comprehensive guide to wedding sparklers.


To Introduce The Couple With Sparklers:

There is typically some sort of announcement to let all the guests know that the stars have arrived when the couple enters the reception hall. Sparklers are a unique, eye-catching method for the bridal party to introduce the newlyweds. When the reception hall is busy and an announcement could be difficult to hear, wedding sparklers are a great visual indication. To introduce the pair, either 20 or 36 inch sparklers could be used.

As centerpieces for wedding favors, wedding sparklers

Sparklers can be utilized as wedding favors or as table decorations. This is a great way to get people involved in the celebration. As wedding favors, sparklers and a photo booth can be coupled so that everyone can have their delight and excitement documented in the shimmering light of a sparkler. For centerpieces or favors, you may choose a 20-inch sparkler, a sparkler in the shape of a heart, or a star.