Sparklers, How to Use Them at Your Weddings!

Optimal Sparkler Use at Your Wedding

It's not a recent fad to use wedding sparklers towards the conclusion of your wedding night. Sparklers have been one of the most well-liked wedding trends for the previous five years, and for good reason! The kinds of wedding photos that these sparklers make are likely to end up among your wedding night's best shots. However, we wanted to offer you more original applications for these wedding sparklers than just the night's finale. Don't think that you can only use these sparklers at the conclusion of your reception; there are lots of entertaining and unique ways to use them all throughout your wedding day! See our list of 9 original ways to use sparklers for your wedding exit! Think about using one of these original methods to add some sparkle to your wedding.


The Sparkler Girl

Change things up from the standard flower girl! Allow her to carry a lit bridal sparkler down the aisle. This will make the moment even more special and priceless. You will see a very unique shining young lady emerge rather than the usual petals being thrown around. Possibly the most affordable option to get sparklers online while also making cleanup really simple. Making your wedding genuinely distinctive and deviating from the conventional is what usually makes your big day one that will be remembered for years to come!

Entrance with Processional Sparklers

Don't limit yourself to the flower girl alone! As they make their way down the aisle, continue the tradition with family and friends. Create a spectacular wedding ceremony! a genuinely cheap method to make a significant statement at your celebration. As they carefully go down the aisle, each groomsman and bridesmaid can hold a sparkler while they are locked arm in arm.

Bride Entrance with Sparklers

It might sound a little unconventional, but all you have to do is use your imagination! Set up a number of sparklers and place some tables or seats on either side. Just before the music starts and the doors open, have your wedding organizer ignite them. VIP Sparklers has been providing wedding sparklers to brides for over fifteen years, and the photographs speak for themselves in terms of how much we contributed to setting up this situation. Setting up sparklers as the bride walks down the aisle is a great way to add some shock value to your wedding.

Glimmering "I do" Kiss

Try passing out sparklers to the wedding party just before you kiss your loved one! Your loved ones appear behind you with sparklers just before you close your eyes, creating a wonderfully spectacular moment. Since timing is crucial in this scenario, we advise practicing it the day before the rehearsal. The image next to your bedside may start serving as the first and last thing you see each night.

A Unity Sparkler is lit!

A custom that may use an upgrade is lighting a unity candle! Continue with the unity candle ceremony as planned, but this time light the candles using wedding sparklers. This will add to the romance for the newlyweds and liven it up for the wedding guests as well. This is a surefire method to make your wedding ceremony glow.

Stunning Wedding Party Photos

After exchanging kisses and vows at the altar, you and your spouse walk out for some fun photos with your bridal party. Why not take some stunning photos when everyone else is taking silly and enjoyable ones? You may include writing sparkler notes if you buy 20-inch sparklers! See the dazzling opportunities that a newlywed couple can pursue in the photographs below. Instructions on how to write well with sparklers are broken down. As our 36 inch wedding sparklers will be too lengthy to draw legible letters and numbers, you must use 20 inch sparklers for this technique.

Cake-Cutting with Sparklers

Let's face it, the wedding cake-cutting tradition has lost some of its appeal. It's getting harder and harder to keep your wedding guests' attention throughout. However, everyone's attention will be captured if your catering company rolls out your wedding cake with cake sparklers attached! Just look at the image below to see how gorgeous these wedding cakes may appear! Since everyone will be rushing to take pictures of the occasion, you won't have to worry about getting their attention. These cake sparklers are practically smoke- and ash-free and won't even slightly damage your cake! Since each cake sparkler has a one-minute burn period, it's simple to enjoy the moment and put some cake in your husband's face! Cake sparklers are completely safe for use in indoor locations and on wedding cakes. Please feel free to enquire about these and how to incorporate them properly into your wedding night.

Glitzy First Dance

Use sparklers for your first dance as an additional method to make your wedding night memorable! The dance floor will be lit when the bridal party and guests surround you with 36-inch wedding sparklers with a burn time of more than 3.5 minutes! For this ceremony, you should definitely utilize lengthy sparklers to guarantee that they endure for the majority of your song.

Exit Wedding Sparklers

We can't forget the most common technique to use sparklers on your special day! You'll feel like a movie star when you use 20-inch sparklers or 36-inch sparklers for your grand departure during the wedding reception. The best wedding pictures will be taken with everyone lined up and holding out their wedding sparklers as the newlyweds stroll out and stand for a kiss. When designing a sparkler departure, we lay down the best advice and techniques for using wedding sparklers. The most common way to end a wedding night was about 10 years ago when using wedding sparklers became fashionable.

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