Bottle Service Sparklers

Bottle Service Sparklers Increase Revenue

Champagne Bottle Sparklers first came to the market back in the early 2000's and are still a staple at any thriving nightclub or bar restaurant. These bottle service sparklers have transformed the nightclub industry and is one of the best ways to help leave last memories at your venue. That's the goal at any event or venue is to truly create lasting memories of a fun night or celebration occasion. ViP Sparklers goal when crafting our bottle service sparklers was to do just that! 

When bottle service sparklers are used to bring out your best clients liquor bottles the entire club eyes are locked on to the purchased bottle service. Turning heads and making your VIP clients feel extra special is a win win for any nightclub or bar. These bottle service sparklers are beneficial on so many levels!

Order Bottle Service Sparklers Now

We are thrilled to announce that our bottle sparklers are not only the longest lasting on the market, but are virtually smokeless and ash-less. As the first company to bring these service sparklers to the forefront we have continued to improve our product making them the best sparklers online for nightclubs. Many other competitors that offer bottle service sparklers offer imitation club sparklers that create a strong sulfur smell. Your goal is to bring a spark to your ViP clients and then let them enjoy their night! 

ViP Sparklers offers our bottle service sparklers in large and small quantities with the addition of our wholesale bottle sparklers as an option now. No matter if you are having a small house party or using these at the hottest nightclub in New York City we have you covered! Our goal is to make every single customer feel ViP with our bottle service sparklers.