Avoid A Wedding Sparkler Disaster

Avoiding A Wedding Sparkler Disaster

Planning a wedding will reveal one thing…your “ugly cry” face. Seriously! There are so many things to try and predict, so many things to coordinate, so many people who forget how to “think” (definitely one of the meanest things we’ve written). But honestly, we know some bride and grooms feel this way when they’re about to hit rock bottom during the wedding planning fiasco. You may go a little crazy, but a little crazy is some times the missing ingredient. Needless to say, “a little” means still managing to keep your friends and family…and YOUR WEDDING! A strong team is a must to help make your wedding fantasy come true, and we sincerely cherish that fact.

Sparklers, such a splendor yet can easily play the role of the villain. We understand all it takes is one VERY playful (or drunk) wedding guest to set in motion a wedding sparkler disaster. Be it your uncle who’s a huge Harry Potter fan and is casting spells with a “sparkling wand” or that one guest who feels he/she is the only one who “knows how to have fun,” sparklers can invite a bit of trouble if left unchecked. We’ve read the articles, we’ve seen the photos, and we know it’s scary! We completely empathize with any victims and bridal parties who plan to steer away from sparklers. There are alternatives to wedding sparkler exits, so please don’t give up on having a wedding exit simply because sparklers are not an option for you.

Sparklers can yield fantastic wedding pictures and a wonderful experience when done right, but it’s a wedding favor that requires some planning. There are some wedding favors that require very little planning or even play to the tune of spontaneity, and we would love sparklers to naturally lean this way; but a little planning is ok if it means stunning wedding pictures and video. Since this product requires some planning, you need a plan (we know Captain Obvious). So here is our guide for making sure your sparkler exit is not a disaster (or viral video).

We’ve written many blogs about planning and safely executing a wedding sparkler exit. Here are the most vital tips to keep in mind (in order):


1- Verify with your venue/ wedding photographer

Time is of the essence. Put it in a bottle and every future Mr. and Mrs. will be grabbing it off the shelves. The moment you decide to include a wedding sparkler exit, involve your venue and wedding photographer. Ideally, you would want to include this in your list of “questions to ask” when you’re shopping for a wedding photographer. Let’s assume “ideally” didn’t show up to work that day and your photographer is booked. No problem, simply inform him/her of your sparkler idea. In any case, he/she can watch a few videos online in order to perfect his/her technique. Next, your venue.

Venues can be tricky. Some may have hosted a wedding where sparklers were used and it may have left them with a sour taste. Hopefully your venue will not require much convincing, but they definitely want to be informed. Trust us. If you’re lucky, they have be experienced “wedding sparkler exit hosts” and can recommend a sparkler company and a specific place for your exit. Unfortunately, if your wedding venue does not approve, even after you used your perfected “ugly cry face,” you will have to use another product for your wedding exit (such as poppers, glow necklaces, sky lanterns, bubbles, etc.).


2- Purchase the best sparkler

You’ll hear this EVERYWHERE…and with reason. Purchasing the best sparkler will get things moving in the right direction. A lot of things depend on the type of sparkler you purchase: your wedding pictures, your wedding exit experience, and the forced grin during your sparkler exit. The great news is the little effort it requires to buy the proper sparkler. Magic word: steel wire core. If your sparkler has a steel wire core, it’s of good quality. Avoid anything with wood or bamboo.


3- Plan your sparkler exit

This step requires some reading, so we’ll do our best to educate on a time crunch. You can involve your DJ or Band in this step. If none are available, a Mic and a perfectionist is required (we’ll settle for someone you trust). It’s important for your guests to know there will be a sparkler exit. Just as important, it is clear to make a few rules known: like where to dispose of sparklers, not to sword fight with lit sparklers, and never to hold the burnt part of any sparkler after it’s used.

DO NOT hand lit sparklers to your guests. When many sparklers are lit simultaneously, a sizeable flame is produced (though momentarily). Secondly, carrying lit sparklers is like carrying hyper dogs who are carrying hyper puppies: uncontrollable. Think of it this way: unlit sparkler = cat while lit sparkler = hyper dog (which is why lit sparklers are much more fun, but we’re completely bias in this regard). Give each of your guests UNLIT sparklers (you can assign someone with this task). Then you proceed to your lighting process.


4- Lighting Sparklers

Best way, butane lighters. Our recommendation, BBQ butane lighters (the ones with the long nozzles). We recommend involving a few people in this process because you are working against the clock. The moment the first sparkler is lit, you’re on borrowed time (which is why most people purchase 20 inch or 36 inch sparklers – longer burn time). You don’t want your guests moving with lit sparklers, so make sure your sparkler exit is set up. Simply put, create two parallel lines, runway style. You want to make sure that the moment their sparklers are lit, they just have to stand in place instead of trying to find their spot. Let’s say four people will be of assistance; each with an unlit sparkler. Using butane lighters, have them each light their own sparklers. Immediately, send one person to each end of each line (2 lines = 4 ends…now you see why we chose the number four). You want each person at each end to simply close the gap between each other, work your way in. This expedites the lighting process by 4x! Ideally, each person on each line will reach the center at the same time.

lighting a few sparklers at the same time

Just in case one of the four “chosen ones” uses up all of his/her sparkle, plan to give each of them two sparklers, but please instruct them to only light the second one if they HAVE to.

5- Disposing Wedding Sparklers

Make a sign, have a bucket. That’s it. Don’t use water, too watery (pa tum tiss). Fill a bucket with sand and create a small sign to help guide your ecstatic guests. You can take it a step further and have a few people collect the used sparklers. The more organized, the better. Your venue will thank you later!

Best Wedding Sparklers for Weddings

The best memories are the ones you enjoy remembering…DUH! Sparklers are a fantastic wedding favor. The pictures are breathtaking, guests love being a part of such a magical experience, and your wedding photographer can now add your amazing pictures to his/her portfolio. If your venue was hesitant, your wedding sparkler exit may have been the one to change their minds, and now future bride and grooms can enjoy their very own sparkler exits. With these tips and a few of our other sparkler tips, you can avoid a wedding sparkler disaster.

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