A Lasting Impression: Wedding Exit Ideas

A Lasting Wedding Impression: Wedding Exit Ideas

When you’re planning a wedding, you’re planning an experience. Every detail, every decision, begins to create a personality, a story, and an overall “feel.” There are thousands of options to choose from; meetings are held discussing each item on the wedding list and how it connects with the bigger picture. Does it tell a specific piece of the story? Does it complement the overall theme? Or will it hinder your guest’s wedding experience? The magic lies in how a well-planned wedding can triumphantly change the intrinsic value and interpretation of traditional items into personal moments such as childhood memories, an everlasting wish or a gallery of destiny. Put simply, your wedding is a clash between Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast, where common things bloom into invaluable pieces of life and inanimate objects reveal their presence and character.

As any experience dictates, impressions are stamped as everlasting memories. Some will remember the alluring scent of your beautiful flower arrangements while others will be lured by lace-decorated tables and centerpieces. Throughout your wedding, guests will be enveloped by their own experiences. On the other hand, there will be a few instances when their focus will shift entirely to one focal point: cutting of the cake, first dance, and your wedding exit, to name a few. As a wedding product supplier for wedding exits specifically, we will focus on the lasting impressions certain wedding exit traditions have.

Rose Petals

Paying homage to the tradition of rice throwing, a rose petal wedding exit is a simple yet elegant exit strategy (pun highly intended). Rose petals can be either confined to a manual plastic popper or scooped into paper cones for a natural DIY rose bush ice cream cone resemblance. Moreover, seed paper can be used for each paper cone, allowing wedding guests the opportunity to take it home, plant it, and relish their eloquent wild flowers. Definitely a conversation starter! This wedding exit idea implies a strong connection for tradition; with many different colored roses to choose from, each paper cone can be the melting pot for passion (red), joy (yellow), gratitude (pink), and desire (orange). With both tradition and heartfelt emotions at hand, rose petal sendoffs are most notably similar to the idea of “dream weddings.”

Sky Lanterns

A more recent and completely new approach to wedding exits is with the use of sky lanterns. Also known as Chinese lanterns and wish lanterns, sky lanterns offer a different sentiment. Contrary to a rose petals wedding exit, sky lanterns require a different approach. If rose petals were a spicy entree, sky lanterns would be a sweet dessert. While a rose petal exit is filled with fist-fulls of bold colors releasing soft-to-the-touch petals, sky lanterns mimic the nature of passing clouds. Not only will you require a larger space, sky lanterns demand a bit more involvement. Wedding guests will have to pair up and experience the feat of releasing their very own miniature hot air balloons. Guests will also have the option of writing their wishes and warm messages for the newlyweds on each paper lantern. Wedding photographers have the opportunity of taking pictures of the preparatory steps as well as the release. With a wide angle shot, newlyweds will benefit from an eye-filling backdrop where the shade of night is illuminated by their guests’ vibrant wishes. This wedding exit idea focuses on a symbolic, shared moment; it gives each guest the opportunity to express a sincere wish, nurture it, and release it. Sky lantern send offs somehow provide a personal insight, which is an invaluable gift.

Wedding Sparklers

One of the most popular wedding exit products on the market are wedding sparklers. We feel wedding sparklers combine the personal feel and quality of a rose petal exit with the expressive backdrop of a sky lantern wedding sendoff. With a lifespan of either two or three minutes, newlyweds are faced with an exhilarating time frame filled with sparkles. These sparkling magical wands rejuvenate the inner child while the glistening gold poses for spectacular wedding pictures. This wedding exit idea comforts the essence of traditional wedding exits yet adds a modern twist. Guests are invited to rejoice in the fireworks extravaganza while newlyweds are guided by handheld stars.

Enjoy your wedding day, express your unique story. Harness the magic of a wedding exit for an everlasting memory.