Where to buy Sparklers

Wedding Sparklers are rapidly growing in demand. Though sparklers are used for special events such as fourth of July and new years, more and more weddings are quickly incorporating sparkler exits in lieu of traditional wedding exits. Often times, bride and grooms come across sparklers for weddings weeks before their special day. With little time for research, their first question is where to buy sparklers.

Where to buy Sparklers?

Normally, top quality sparklers can only be purchased online. If you’re lucky, someone in your city may be selling their unused sparklers. If your wedding is after July 4th, it may sound like a good idea to purchase sparklers from local firework vendors and use them for your wedding day. Unfortunately, most vendors do not sell top quality wedding sparklers. Instead, they offer bamboo (wooden) sparklers. The vital distinction between top sparklers for wedding and fourth of July wooden sparklers is their core: one is metal and the other is wooden (respectively).

When a sparkler burns, it is extremely hot. If the core/handle is made out of wood, it will burn with the sparkler, producing large amounts of smoke. Metal sparklers do not face this issue (read our blog about the differences in sparklers for wedding).

Our sparklers are metal core wedding sparklers. We are wedding-venue approved and guarantee your wedding pictures will turn out stunning! Like most companies offering top quality sparklers, we are an e-commerce based business. Fortunately, we offer different shipping methods for sparklers. Depending on your state, you can receive your sparklers as quickly as 2 business days!

36 inch Sparklers

Our most popular size, these long sparklers are our longest lasting option. With a calculated burn time of about four minutes, bridal parties feel less pressed for time with this sparkler. Just in case something does not go according to plan during the lighting phase, 36 inch sparklers still allow for plenty of sparkles. Another great benefit is their length. With a size of 3 feet, these long sparklers are able to create a perfect arc for the bride and groom. Smaller sizes require the “runway of guests” to be closer together, which requires a bit more instruction.

20 inch Sparklers

Our second most popular sparkler option are 20 inch sparklers. With an estimated burn time of 2 – 2.5 minutes, this sparkler is the better option for smaller wedding parties. We also recommend planning the lighting process a bit more thoroughly to make sure you have enough sparkle time left for a spectacular wedding sparkler exit. About 40% less expensive than 36 inch sparklers, 20 inch sparklers are the best option for bride and grooms on a budget. Given it’s smaller size, bride and grooms find it easier to display 20 inch sparklers as a centerpiece versus the much larger 36 inch.

Where can I get Sparklers?

Shop with us and rest assure you are receiving the industry’s top standard for sparklers for weddings. With ash-less and virtually smokeless sparkles, our sparklers allow for amazing wedding pictures. We always recommend informing your wedding photographer about incorporating a sparkler exit. He/she may have some phenomenal photo shoot ideas that will make your wedding pictures absolutely unique and breathtaking.

Sparklers Walmart

Recently, even the giant known as Walmart has joined the sparkler industry. They offer a few sparkler sizes but only as “purchase in store.” Meaning, they do not state the price of the product nor mention which stores have them in stock. A few of their options are also “neon sparklers,” which unfortunately produce large amounts of smoke when lit. Heart Sparklers are also sold on their site but at a rather expensive price. If your wedding/ event is at least one week away, we can make sure your sparklers arrive in time without any doubt about the sparkler type you will be receiving.