How do you light Wedding Sparklers?

Lighting Wedding Sparklers

Once the bride has gone through the steps of finding the right wedding sparklers to use for her wedding guests, the number of wedding sparklers needed, and then the exact location where the grand sparkler exit will happen, it’s time for the fun to begin.  But then you realize, how do you actually light my wedding sparklers?   Here at ViP Sparklers we always inform our brides when they purchase there wedding sparklers on the proper steps to keep in mind while having a sparkling exit.  

Use Wedding Punks to Light Sparklers For Weddings

We advise you to have smaller wedding sparklers or what we like to refer to them as wedding punks.  Wedding punks will help your wedding guests easily light all of your wedding sparklers in fast and timely manner. Our wedding punks stay lit for over three minutes which give you plenty of time to light any number of wedding sparklers.  When it’s time to light the wedding sparklers we highly recommend using a  grill lighter or what is commonly refereed to as a butane lighter.  You will be able to find these easy to use lighters at any convenience or grocery store for only one dollar.  

We recommend using these grill lighters because it’s easy to control a flame and you never can predict the weather which can be windy at times!  Once a couple of the wedding sparklers are lit you can then touch them with the unlit sparklers with a couple at a time and easily have over one hundred wedding sparklers sparkling in no time!  With all of your wedding guests lined up and in order, this will go off without a hitch.  Feel free to take a look at our other wedding supplies we offer as well at ViP Sparklers. Make sure to check out our blog on how to NOT light sparklers.