Where Can I Buy Bottle Sparklers

Where Can I Buy Bottle Sparklers

Add sparklers to your celebration with that extra glitz for the entire event! For that special day, or for all your special occasions, your night will fly with flying colors, or rose petals, or confetti! On your next wedding / anniversary event, romantic getaway, quinceañera or sweet sixteen, all you need is that last finishing touch.  VIP Sparklers can take care of you the right way with those finishing touches.

With the fall holidays approaching, event planners and club owners are gearing up for the festive party scenes in celebration of another year ending, and with new beginnings. And so, some functions which are common around November and December are the Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Football parties, and such; In addition, the Thanksgiving feasts, coupled with Christmas and New Years.  You can add Champagne bottle sparklers and LED Strobe Batons which are great in the mix of the festivities.

ViP Sparklers

As for the nightclub scene, Champagne bottle sparklers are perfect when bringing out bottle services at your nightclub, nightclub decor, or for VIP services.   Our ViP Sparklers are for much more use than the typical 4th of July festivities. Each sparkler is flammable and is measurably 20 inches to 36 inches tall. For any type of party with that extra special light illumination, you’ll never go wrong with these for your guests.  And so, we are your resource for illuminating the night in your special themed party. With a 36 inch or 20 inch sparkler, it will burn at just the right amount of time. Your event will not be completed without these.

Use them for your party décor, hand them out to your guests, and better yet, most people will find them in use for a count-down of some sort, or the sending off of a loved one, like a newlywed.  Either way, these sturdy sparklers will have your guests smiling with joy and laughter with less smoke and ash comparably to others companies that sell them.

Champagne and Bottle Sparklers

Also, the Champagne and Bottle Sparklers are a hit! The highest quality champagne sparklers and bottle sparklers can be showcased with champagne and liquor bottle services at nightclubs, restaurants, and lounges. Holidays should always have that sparkle at any given time of the event. Our champagne bottle sparklers can liven up your holiday festivity with the right amount of dazzle. They are made with a steel wire core, so they are smoke-less and ash-less.  We also have the club sparklers for champagne which are sturdy enough to clip on the bottles.

For wedding or anniversary parties, HEART SPARKLERS & ROSE PETALS CONFETTI CANNONS are ideal for that special party for you and your loved ones. The Rose Petals confetti cannons are loaded with beautiful red and white petals. A few of them can be used to completely surround the area and have those rose petals glittered around your guests feet.

LED Bottle Sparklers

Affordable for security purposes, the LED strobe batons will grab the attention of your entire nightclub guests and special clients.  After over 10 years in the industry, we became aware that certain nightclubs and lounges are unable to use our champagne bottle sparklers when offering bottle service and other VIP events. Such as, California and Arizona nightclubs which have issues with fire marshals. The alternative is our LED strobe batons and with the quality of these batons, they are far more superior than all of our competition.

CONTACT by calling us at (800) 305-4737 or sales@ViPSparklers.com. Don’t forget, we are one of the only companies on the market to offer Express shipping.

ViP Sparklers, the highest quality sparklers for champagne and liquor bottles, plus LED Strobe Batons…perfect for weddings, parties, holiday festivities and VIP services.