Bottle Service Sparklers

Bottle Service Sparklers

The Best Sparklers for Bottles Turn Ordinary into Extraordinary

    THEY SPARKLE ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP – Eight inch sparkles achieve new heights with a sparkling shower of flair.

    THEY BRING NEW MEANING TO SPARKLING WINE – Clip bottle service sparklers to any bottle of wine, champagne, liquor, or even water. Leave an exceptional taste of grandness in everyone’s mouth.

    THEY LEAVE A SPARKLE IN YOUR EYE – Bottle after sparkling bottle will leave the crowd in awe. It’s like seeing sparkles for the first time when they’re showering from even the last bottle of bubbly.

    BE VIP WITHOUT THE FEE – When bottle service sparklers light up the room, you’ll shine without paying the fine. Buy them from ViP to save money that you can spend on their glass houses.

    45 SECONDS OF FAME – ViP’s bottle service sparklers burn for 45 seconds. That’s long enough to enjoy the limelight without making the tabloids.

Nightclub Bottle Service Sparklers Are an Impressive Display Everywhere

  • Events
  • Parties
  • Nightclubs
  • Weddings

Liquor Bottle Sparklers Make Everyone Notice

You’re bringing out your expensive bottle of drink . . . .but nobody knows it. Bottle service sparklers will attract attention and stimulate everyone’s appreciation for your noble gesture. If you’re bringing out a bottle that doesn’t cost as much, bottle service sparklers will make your gesture look like a thousand bucks. Bottle service sparklers command attention, admiration, and appreciation.

Champagne Bottle Sparklers Lighten Up the Party

Bottles are the centerpiece of the party. How you deliver them will influence the mood of the crowd. Dull, quiet bottles are for the bar shelf. Bright, sparkling bottles inject energy into the crowd. They introduce ambience and fun into the atmosphere. They belong on the table.


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