What Are Wedding Sparklers?

We often get asked, “What Are Wedding Sparklers?” from all future brides who are planning on using sparklers at their wedding.  When it comes to learning about wedding sparklers most wedding planners and brides think all sparklers are the same.  This is the number one reason why sometimes using wedding sparklers can and will not turn out how you would think.  When it comes to using sparklers for your wedding you can’t just use any wedding sparkler on the market.  Most people think if you can find any sparkler that will suffice for your wedding day, this is far from the truth.  At ViP Sparklers we highly advise on not buying sparklers for your wedding from a typical 4th of July stand or anyone that just sells fireworks.


What To Look For In Wedding Sparklers

When looking to purchase wedding sparklers you will want to make sure of a couple key points.  First and foremost you will want to make sure your sparklers are considered true wedding sparklers.  True wedding sparklers are made with a steel wire core which makes for a flawless wedding exit.  Wedding sparklers with a steel wire core do an excellent job of making your sparklers smokeless and ash-less when they are sparkling.  Typical sparklers give off a tremendous amount of smoke and ash which will result in anything but a grand wedding exit.  By purchasing the proper wedding sparklers you will be able to create the fairytale wedding exit you always envisioned.  When using the proper wedding sparklers you will be able to achieve the flawless wedding photography pictures every bride desires.  If you use wooden or bamboo sparklers for your wedding you will be surely disappointed.  Using wedding sparklers with either of those consistences will result in a tremendous amounts of smoke and sulfur smell.  You will also have undesirable burn times when dealing with wooden sparklers.  A very important article was recently written with the injuries that can happen with the incorrect wedding sparklers.  Unfortunately, sometimes worse things can happen than just smoke when using the wrong wedding sparklers.  Another great article that was written about wedding sparklers vs regular sparklers can be found right here as well.

True Wedding Sparklers 

Another important aspect to make sure when purchasing wedding sparklers is to make sure the company you are dealing with sells wedding sparklers specifically.  A lot of companies that manufacture all types of novelty fireworks in general assume they sell wedding sparklers as well. When a matter of fact, they actually just sell the 4th of July stereotypical sparklers on the market.  Very few companies in the United States specialize in selling wedding sparklers and ViP Sparklers is proud to be one of them.  We offer a full staff to help any brides with any questions regarding wedding sparklers from the size to how to properly setup the perfect grand wedding exit. Another important aspect when looking for the perfect sparklers for your wedding is to look one’s that are double dipped.  Double dipped wedding sparklers help make sure every single wedding sparkler has the exact same burn time.  A lot of wedding sparkler companies do not offer a double dip process which means not every sparkler lasts the exact amount of time.  You will see wide variances of some sparklers that last one minute while others last over two minutes where they are stated online.  By adding the double dipped process to the true wedding sparklers you can almost guarantee that every sparkler will last the specified burn time.  The last thing you would want as a bride is walking through the sparkler tunnel and having them going out.  Consider this one last thing you will have to worry about when finding the right wedding sparklers.  Our motto at ViP Sparklers is we stay in touch with you until the final sparkler goes out!  If you ever have any questions when it comes to finding the right wedding sparklers or just any sparkler question in general do not hesitate to reach out to us.