Wedding Sparklers vs Regular Sparklers

Difference between Wedding Sparklers and Regular Sparklers

Before purchasing sparklers for your storybook wedding, it is important to remember that there is a paramount difference when using wedding sparklers as opposed to traditional sparklers.  We never want to see a bride ordering the incorrect type of sparklers and not realizing it until something goes off not as planned. Being in the wedding sparklers business for over ten years we have unfortunately heard many stories of the wrong type of sparklers being ordered for wedding nights.  The most important detail is always in the core and it is no different in this situation. Always look for a stainless steel wire core when shopping for wedding sparklers. It is of utmost importance to use only sparklers made with a stainless steel wire core which will help create a nearly smokeless and ash-less display. The majority of sparklers are made with wood or bamboo, which create a tremendous amount of smoke and will see debris flying off the sparklers. This is the last thing you want to see at your wedding, as not only will this ruin your idea, but may create an unsafe situation.  Aside from the safety issues, you will not receive any set of desired burn times with the sparklers. This will ruin your timing as some sparklers will burn out extremely fast while others stay lit longer.  Nearly all of the sparklers you will find online are your typical 4th of July pyrotechnic sparklers.  You will absolutely want to make sure when you are planning on using wedding sparklers for your big wedding night you take the proper time to research and purchase the right sparklers.

ViP Sparklers Has True Wedding Sparklers

With ViP Sparklers, you will receive set burn times and a clean smokeless and ash-less sparkle for your wedding night. ViP Sparklers carries three sizes of wedding sparklers, the 10 inch wedding sparklers, 20 inch wedding sparklers, and 36 inch wedding sparklers. Our two most popular wedding sparklers happen to be our 20 ­inch sparkler, which has an estimated burn time of two to two and a half minutes, these wedding sparklers are typically used for wedding sizes of 50 to 125 wedding guests.  Our 36 inch wedding sparklers have an estimated burn time of three and half minutes. Wedding photographers have been able to capture completely flawless sparkler shots with the ideal wedding sparklers created at ViP Sparklers.  Our desire is to make sparklers that will help commemorate an unforgettable night, so please remember to choose a sparkler with a stainless steel wire core, and you wont be disappointed.  ViP Sparklers has wedding sparklers that are considered true wedding sparklers, so you’ll want to make sure when planning to purchase wedding sparklers you check off these important facts when adding an extra spark to your big wedding night!

Wedding Cake Sparklers

After seeing the great success in our wedding sparklers, we thought of yet one more way to add to your amazing night. We have added our wedding cake sparklers to capture the same fun and excitement on your wedding cakes. These sparklers are completely smokeless and ash-less and are guaranteed to not leave any residue on your wedding cake. These wedding cake sparklers steal the show during the reception.  Our wedding cake sparklers create an amazing display of sparks that shoot up to six to eight inches in the air.  These wedding cake sparklers will steal the show and create some amazing photographers pictures during the cutting of the cake.  These sparklers have a burn time of forty-five to fifty-five seconds leaving plenty of time for pictures and to enjoy the sparks! For any questions or concerns you may have regarding our wedding cake sparklers or wedding sparklers, please feel free to email us at or call our main offices.