Wedding Sparklers Wholesale

Make Your Wedding Sparkle with VIP’s Wedding Sparklers

VIP Sparklers is eager to help make your wedding unforgettable with its one-of-a-kind wedding sparklers for sale. The best wedding sparklers are not only stunning to behold in person, but absolutely breathtaking on film as well. Imagine the look of dozens of sparklers held in the raised hands of your friends and family as their smiling faces surround you, the light of their sparklers glittering and shining all around you and your partner. There is no substitute for the dreamy, romantic atmosphere provided by big wedding sparklers.

About VIP Wedding Sparklers for Sale

If you’re looking to buy wedding sparklers cheap, VIP Sparklers has a wide variety of convenient options. Standard wedding sparklers can come in one of three sizes:

  • 10 inches – Burns up to one or one and a half minutes
  • 20 inches – Burns up to two or two and a half minutes
  • 36 inches – Burns up to four or four and a half minutes

10- and 20-inch wedding sparklers are perfect for using as part of the ceremony or reception, lit for only a moment or two, but if you’re looking for longer lasting shine for photo ops, the 36-inch sparklers for weddings can’t be beat. Also available are heart-shaped sparklers for a cute, whimsical look, as well as 100% food-safe wedding cake sparklers that come in either silver or gold to make your dessert extra unique. VIP Sparklers’ products are made with a wire base rather than bamboo because this produces far less smoke and guarantees a more accurate estimation of burn time.

Whether your wedding vision includes a large gathering of guests each holding sparklers, only the wedding party, or even just you and your beloved, you can order a quantity that fits your needs. They are available in single packages of six, or in bulk quantities of 48, 96, 144, or 288, allowing you to buy for your own intimate ceremony or purchase wedding sparklers wholesale.

VIP Offers the Best Wedding Sparklers and Products

VIP Sparklers is the country’s leading retailer of sparklers for all occasions. They have it all, from indoor smokeless sparklers for weddings, champagne bottles, cakes, and more to similar party products like sky lanterns, LED lights, wedding and party favors, and confetti poppers.  VIP Sparklers is dedicated to helping people celebrate in style and create sparkling, perfect memories they’ll never forget.

Indoors, outdoors, no matter the lighting or time of day, these beautiful favors can be used for toasts, first dances, entrances, photo opportunities, and much more. There’s no better place to buy cheap wedding sparklers than VIP Sparklers. Dedicated to helping you beautify your big day, VIP Sparklers offers a variety of quality sparkler products at the best prices available so that you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. When you’re planning a wedding, VIP knows you don’t want to get stressed by the details and will do our best to ensure that our contribution to your special day is headache-free. Focus on the important thing—your love for the person you are going to spend your life with!