Big Wedding Sparklers

Best Wedding Sparklers

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your lifetime and VIP Sparklers is here to help. We want you to have the most memorable time and make sure you leave happily when the night comes to an end.

There are many things that the bride and groom need to think about when it comes to planning their wedding, so at VIP Sparklers, we want you to purchase extravagant sparklers very quickly and very easily. This shouldn’t be something that stresses you out more than you already will be. We make sure to bring you the best and cheapest prices so that you don’t have to worry about going over your budget or not having enough money to buy other more important things. Our bulk sizes are offered at discount prices when purchased.

Products made from bamboo produce large amounts of smoke, which can interrupt your beautiful evening. Here at VIP Sparklers we want you to have the most memorable night, so our sparklers are made from a wire core; this allows the sparklers to generate long lasting and smokeless sparks. Smoke can interfere with photographs or toasting time and the last thing you want is for that to happen, so we take that into consideration. When it comes to other sparklers there tends to be unknown burnout times; we ensure that with the wire core each sparkler size has estimated burn lengths.

Wedding Sparkler Burn Times

We have three different sizes for our big wedding sparklers. They include a ten-inch, a twenty-inch, and a thirty-six inch sparkler. The ten-inch wedding sparkler burns up to one minute to one and a half minutes. Burn time for the twenty-inch sparkler is up to two minutes to two and a half minutes. Lastly, the thirty-six inch sparkler lasts up to four minutes to four and a half minutes.

Our ten-inch sparklers have continued to become very popular in that clients love using them during the toasts and during all the first dances. These are often enjoyed more because they are the smaller sparklers, which allow guests of all different sizes and ages to partake in the magical event. Our most popular size has to be the thirty-six inch sparklers because of their longer burn time. With these longer lasting sparklers, photographers will have a better opportunity for taking photos with the sparklers incorporated into the scene.

Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers

Our newest collection of wedding sparklers is the Heart Shaped Wedding Sparkler, which is the perfect sparkler for wedding photo shoots. They are beautiful and adorable for the romantic occasion. They last from seventy-five to ninety seconds. Our sparklers last longer than any substitute product that other companies produce and this allows our company to be trusted by the most celebrated event planners in the United States. All our wedding sparklers come inside of specially created white boxes that have print in cursive so that the box has an elegant and romantic appearance. All VIP sparklers are ash-free, so our wedding cake sparklers will not get any ash residue on the icing of the cake.