VIP sparklers: The best sparklers for bottles!

ViP Sparklers Offers the Best Sparklers For Bottles

Sparklers – they are the icing on the cake for many events.  They offer a dazzling display and are a wonderful way to celebrate. Whether you use them for a party, a graduation, or an acknowledgement, sparklers are a fun and safe way to make a statement.

Unlike other sparklers out on the market, our champagne sparklers boast a sparkler design that is virtually smokeless and ash-less, making them the best sparklers for bottles.  While the idea of sparklers in champagne for New Year or at a major celebration were once met with trepidation over tainting the drink with bitter ashes, you can now light those sparklers without a second though over fallout.  Without ashes, you also have a safe design for parties with little ones (after all, New Year, Christmas, and Weddings often call for sparklers – all things little ones love to take part in!).  This also gives you the ability to put sparklers into Apple Cider bottles for events and let everyone take part in the fun!

The Design!

These sparklers aren’t just great for champagne outside – you can also use these in a variety of bottles like Liquor, beers, and more.  You can also use these indoors.  This makes these sparklers amazing for nightclub bottle service sparklers , or indoor parties.  We take great pride in having designed a sparkler that is both incredibly versatile as well as safe.  With our ash-less design, these can safely be used both indoors and outdoors, in bottles, or to adorn other items without fear of burning or giving off a smoke making it difficult to breathe.

Did we mention these are cheap?  We have worked incredibly hard to create a sparkler that is both safe, effective, and cost-effective.  Our champagne sparklers are top of the line quality – for a price that doesn’t limit you in the least! If you are requiring just a few, we have very affordable options for a number perfect for your needs.  If you are planning on hosting a large party or are an owner of an establishment, we also offer wholesale options for your bulk orders. By designing our models this way, we can make our sparklers available to both the general public and our loyal establishments.

Where can I buy bottle sparklers?

Purchasing our champagne sparklers is as simple as visiting and clicking on the option for our Champagne Bottle Sparklers. With our many quantity options, you can get exactly the amount that you need.  If you host/attend events often, consider stocking up with our bulk order options – saving you more money! We also offer options for 1 champagne sparkler, or a few – but why limit yourself to just a few when you might want to use more?  Being able to have a few extra that you can store if unused is infinitely better than running short. When ordering, keep in mind that our sparkers last up to 45 seconds and can shoot sparks 6-8 inches into the air – so you will find yourself wanting more to experience the fun over and over again!