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ViP Sparklers has been involved with the wedding industry for over ten years. In those years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the best wedding merchandise to please both brides and grooms. We offer a wide variety of sparklers, but it is our heart shaped sparklers that we are really excited about.

Indoor Smokeless Heart Shaped Sparklers

Our heart shaped sparklers are constructed with a steel amalgam wire that provides a practically smokeless and ash-less sparkle burn. We offer them in two lengths, a 36 inch sparkler and a 20 inch sparkler; our 36 inch sparkler is one of the longest on the market! We have crafted our sparklers to burn for over a minute, which is rather impressive if we do say so ourselves. Because our sparklers are almost perfectly ash-less, they are safe to burn indoors. Follow the instructions that come with your sparklers for specifics, or contact us with any questions.

Heart Shaped Sparklers are Perfect for Photography!

Due to these sparklers lack of smoke, they are the perfect sparkler to feature in your beautiful, memory making, wedding, engagement, or just plain fun, photographs. Our sparklers are designed to have over one minute of sparkle time allowing you to take multiple pictures without feeling the heat or stress of the sparkler going out. Our sparklers really do add an extra element that almost feels like magic when photographed.

The Bridal Party and the Best Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers

One of the most popular places our heart shaped sparklers end up is as a part of the bridal party. As we have mentioned, our sparklers are very popular to feature in photographs for a little extra magic and whimsy. However, brides and grooms can be very creative in planning their wedding days and have come up with some excellent ideas. Our sparklers have been used outside the church in place of rice, bird seed, or bubbles, to a breathtaking effect. Other brides have decided to use our sparklers as an integral part of their centerpieces that astonish and delight their guests. Our sparklers are here to function as your creativity needs them to.

Other Romantic Uses for Heart Shaped Sparklers

There is no reason for heart shaped sparklers to be confined within the wedding market. There are many other romantic uses for them. Firstly, they would be very impressive featured in your engagement photos. Heart shaped sparklers would add some an extra glimmer to any romantic proposal from having all of your friends and family gather around with our sparklers in their hands, to having the ring enter flanked by two heart shaped sparklers. Our sparklers would also be excellent for anniversaries, proms, or even pregnancy announcements.

We pride ourselves not only in our fine products, but also our impeccable customer service. Contact us through our website. We are looking forward to bringing some sparkle to your special day!