Wedding Planning and Timing

Planning a Wedding in a Timely Manner

Efficient wedding planning is key. Unfortunately, there is no way around it. You simply have to plan, plan, plan without hesitation. It is one of those tasks that can be dreading the more we think about it. Start your planning at the wedding function. Once you set a timetable for the ceremony time, finalizing the layout for your wedding will help you if you start working in a reverse manner. The timeline for each wedding varies. Activities, number of guests, and venue rules all affect how much time will be spent planning and executing certain things.

Don’t hesitate to delegate tasks and give orders. Determine the people who can really give you a hand in planning your wedding such as your mother, in-laws, or girlfriends. A wedding cannot be planned single handedly! If you’re paying a wedding organizer, they will be a major help when it comes to narrowing down your wants and highlighting your needs. Wedding organizers are experts in creating and achieving your goals in a timely manner. They are aware of the flow of a wedding and will remind you of any aspects you may have overlooked.

Ask yourself, “What should be the highlight of the event?” Is it going to be the “I do” moment? Will it be your first dance? Or, how about the cake cutting ceremony? Upon answering this, your team can focus on the highlight of your wedding day much easily.

Always give yourself a space and time to think things through. Do not get overwhelmed and stressed out. No matter how much effort you put into organizing the details, there are still unforeseen situations that you will encounter. The few minutes before the service and after the function is the best time for you to breathe and find a solution.

Wedding Hair and Makeup

The average time for your team of hair and makeup stylists to transform you into a stunning bride is approximately 1 and a half hour and a quarter of an hour for your bridesmaids. Plan a makeup day to really test the look you are going for. For instance, if you’re using a makeup inspiration you found online, make sure it appeals to your look and wedding theme. If your bridesmaids are planning to get their hair and makeup made by your chosen stylist, then remind them to arrive ahead of time. Here are a few tips every bride should know.

The Wedding Ceremony

From the procession of the entourage, opening words, exchanging of custom or traditional wedding vows, trade of the rings, signatories on the marriage contracts, and of course, kissing the bride, a ceremony usually lasts about 45 minutes. In the event that you hired someone to perform a very romantic song during the ceremony, make sure that your organizer knows about it to provide additional time for the customary service layout.


Include your photographer on your list of priorities during the wedding planning phase. Don’t procrastinate on this matter. Photographers are usually fully booked the entire year. Booking a photographer a month before your wedding might be a steep judgement. If you’re already sure about the date of your wedding, immediately make a down payment to your photography in order to seal the deal. Get in touch with them a month or 2 weeks before the event to remind them. This is also your chance to find out their plans in capturing the most romantic and memorable event in the day you get hitched.

The Reception

It’s the non-formal part of the day, therefore, expect the most fun and crazy moments to happen. How many hours are you planning to allot in your reception? To help you answer that, you must put into consideration the price you’re going to pay for the venue. Some function halls allow up to three hours, extra hours will be charged accordingly. Therefore, you have to carefully set the agenda in order to maximize every highlight of the event. When giving toast and speeches, remind them ahead of time not to take more than 3 to 5 minutes. Guests can start your dinner while they are watching you make your first dance. The throwing of bouquet, cutting of candles, and wine toasting are simultaneous events that can be accomplished in just 20 minutes. Of course, you also have to give an extra hour for dancing, drinking, and going through each guests telling them how thankful you are for their presence.

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