VIP Sparklers: Best Nightclub Night

It’s your party so sparkle when you want to. It’s your time to shine in a spectacular fashion. What can be better than extravagant beautiful champagne bottle sparklers? And we’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill 4th of July sparklers that burnout and 15 seconds.

VIP Champagne Bottle Sparklers

Unlike those 4th of July sparklers that the kids run around with in the yard, these champagne bottle sparklers are more like fireworks that are banned a.k.a. the good stuff, but these are perfectly legal. When these sparklers are lit, you will see an immediate sparkly blast as high as eight inches! That’s the way to get someone’s attention. Now everyone thinks you’re the party group and comes over to wish you happy whatever-you-are-celebrating. They think you have to be celebrating with this awesome sparkly display. But you can wait until after they buy you another bottle to fess up.

Not only do they shoot upwards in an impressive display, they also burn for 45 seconds. If you don’t think 45 seconds is a long time, put your timer on and see exactly how long it is. Pretty good for a sparkler! You may also notice that these sparklers are nearly ash and smoke-free, making it much easier to enjoy inside. The good news is if you see one of these in the club. Guess what? You can get one too. Clubs that feature these sparklers often offer them with certain bottles like champagne, liquor and wine.

Not Just For Champagne Bottles

Of course, these look great on a wine bottle, but they can also be used for birthday cakes, which was their original designation. How about that for candles to blow out? Because these sparklers are smoke and ash-free, there won’t be an issue of ash being left on the cake. You can sparkle your cake and eat it too. For birthday cakes, these sparklers use cake tips to hold these upright without wobbling.

In the past, clubs, bars and restaurants would use tape or rubber bands to hold these sparklers on the bottle, which is not a perfect situation; however, special clips hold our champagne bottle sparklers safe and secure on every bottle. Champagne sparklers from VIP are used by the most sought after event planners in the country.

Not Just For Wholesale Use

In the past, quantities offered for sale were on a strictly wholesale basis. As our sparklers have become more and more popular, we now package all of our sparklers in quantities for purchase by the general population. Why should clubs get all the fun? It is easy to quickly see all of the applications for this product, such as family reunions, high school reunions, weddings, birthday parties, and yes, even on July 4th!

Satisfied Customers

 VIP’s website offers a plethora of customer reviews. As far as customer service goes, it is easy to tell from the reviews that VIP prides themselves on customer service and a superior product. Reviews such as:

“Awesome display for my nightclub, have really helped my bottle sales! Gets everyone’s attention in the club.”

“best prices on the market for the nightclub bottle sparklers. order from these guys for my big events.”

And these are just a few of the comments from very satisfied customers. Do yourself a favor, if you’re planning an event give them a try. You won’t be sorry.


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