Using Wedding Sparklers to Brighten Up Your Big Day

Brighten Up Your Wedding With Wedding Sparklers

Just picture it: after a beautiful ceremony, you and your spouse get into your limousine and head to the wedding reception. After a wonderful night of dancing and celebration, the two of you make your exit under a star-filled sky through a tunnel of wedding sparklers to enjoy your honeymoon.

This romantic idea is easier to create than you may think, and it’s becoming more popular than ever as couples around the world look for a unique and memorable addition to their wedding. Wedding sparklers allow you to add a literal bit of sparkle and brightness to your exit by creating a large tunnel for the two of you to walk through.

Sparklers For Your Wedding Exit

If you’d like to make a tunnel of sparklers, keep in mind regular sparklers will not work. Sparklers for weddings are 36 inches long, which means they burn longer and they’re safer for guests to use. Sparklers for weddings are also made with a metal core, not bamboo or some other type of wood that burns easily and creates smoke and ash. Wedding sparklers are premium sparklers that are virtually smoke- and ash-free with a burn time of up to four and a half minutes to give you enough time to walk through the tunnel and have it captured with wedding photography.

When you buy sparklers for sale, make sure you buy enough to get the look you’re going for. You shouldn’t require more than 24 for the tunnel itself, although it’s good to have extras on hand, just in case. Make sure you keep buckets of water nearby to fully extinguish the sparklers, as well as a safe way to dispose of them afterward.

Tell Your Wedding Guests You Will Have a Sparkler Send Off

Before lighting the wedding sparklers, don’t forget to fill in your guests of the plan and do a test without lighting to make sure the scene is ready. Many couples choose to print off a cute announcement to display at the reception letting guests know when the sparkler send-off will take place, and to let them know to stand far enough away so no one gets hurt. It’s also important to let your wedding photographer know of the plan ahead of time, as they’ll want to get some test shots down before the actual tunnel is lit to ensure the pictures come out as beautiful as you imagine.

Using wedding sparklers to create a shining tunnel for your send-off is a beautiful and unforgettable addition to your wedding. Sparklers are very stylish and classy and work with just about any wedding theme, and these premium sparklers for sale can also be used for other occasions, including an anniversary, a birthday or a nightclub. Take the time to buy high-quality sparklers for weddings, not standard fireworks sparklers, to get the look you’re going for and blow your guests away.