Top Quality Wedding Sparklers


The use of sparklers during wedding celebrations is becoming a very popular sight. Are you planning your wedding or assisting someone with planning theirs? If not, when the time comes, keep this idea in your back pocket to ensure that your special day is as amazing as it possibly can be. You want people to remember your wedding so you have to do something that makes it stand out, our sparklers will do just that. Imagine attending a wedding, you see a beautiful cake that is presented to you, and the rest of the crowd, with amazing sparklers in the cake! These sparklers will create long lasting memories and will still be mentioned for years after your wedding.

Wedding Cake Sparklers

We carry the best wedding sparklers, even wedding cake sparklers that will leave your guests amazed and very impressed after viewing your dazzling wedding cake. We offer two different options, silver and gold, and they make the perfect addition to any cake. Presentation is everything, and your guests will be stunned with the beauty that these sparklers instill. The wedding cake sparklers that we offer, are 100% safe to use on your wedding cake. The wedding sparklers were specifically designed to be used on desserts or cakes. You don’t have to worry about clouds of smoke getting in the way, or even ruining your photos because these wedding sparklers are approved for indoor use and are smokeless. 

Top Quality Wedding Sparklers

So many people love using our sparklers during their wedding toasts and first dances. The 10” inch sparklers are one of our most popular and people of all ages can use them. We also carry 20” inch and 36” inch sparklers as well. The 36” inch sparklers are the most popular because they are stunning and have the longest burn time. Our newest sparkler product is the new heart shaped sparkler, it could be a perfect fit for your wedding. Compared to our competitor’s similar products, our heart shaped sparklers are not only better quality, but they are larger and they last longer. With our prices, it is difficult to resist such a great offer.


Wedding sparklers are becoming very popular. They are one of the newest wedding trends and they look phenomenal in pictures. Our wedding sparklers will make your special day even more memorable. Read some of the reviews that some of our customers wrote about their experiences using our wedding sparklers for sparkler exits. Our products are very high quality and are available to you at a low cost because we want to help you make your special day perfect, without having to worry about high costs.

VIP Sparklers are the Best

When you decide that you want to use top quality wedding sparklers at your wedding, remember that VIP sparklers offers the best quality sparklers at the best prices. We have many years of experience in the pyrotechnic industry, and our products are used at top hotels, cruises, night clubs and lounges, weddings and restaurants. Our sparklers will be a huge hit at your wedding and will provide you and your guests with an amazing experience. When you’re ready to order wedding sparklers, or if you have any questions about any of our products, send us an email to SALES@VIPSPARKLERS.COM or reach out to our customer service by calling 1.800.305.4737. We can’t wait to hear from you!