The best wedding sparklers

The best wedding sparklers

Best Wedding Sparklers

If you haven’t heard of the latest trend that is becoming more and more popular, this new and extremely exciting addition to enhance any event with a literal flare, is one trend you won’t want to miss out on when it comes time to plan your next big event. At ViP Sparklers we are proud to carry the highest quality sparklers in the most varieties to perfectly suit your every need. Although we advertise ourselves as wedding sparklers, the fact is we are an ideal and unique accompaniment for a wide array of occasions under the event spectrum. Keep our products in mind, the best wedding sparklers, when planning your next event will surely add that spark your event may have needed or to take it completely over the top in the most unforgettable way. Attendees will definitely remember the event with a spectacular sparkler and ask where you got them. You will be able to proudly say to them that you got them at ViP Sparklers. When you call for a consultation, our friendly customer service team will gladly help guide you in accommodating your next event exactly with the individualized custom attention your event requires and deserves.

More about our indoor smokeless sparklers for weddings or other indoor events

Many of our high quality sparklers have been featured in and Bride Magazine depicting how our sparklers greatly enhance your moments captured in video or photography. Our ambient spark features a considerably long burn time with minimal smoke emission. This is possible due to the use of a strong wire core instead of the typical bamboo found in other brands, making ViP Sparklers indoor smokeless sparklers the very best there is on the market, guaranteed. The following are just a few of the options we have to offer.

10” wedding sparklers– These smaller sized sparklers feature a burn time of approximately one to one and a half minutes long and are gaining popularity through the continued rave reviews it receives. Clients absolutely love them for their shorter burn time making them ideal and the perfect exclamation mark for toasts and first dances. They are also more child friendly then our larger offerings.

20” wedding sparklers– This middle of the road variety has a burn time of two, to two and a half minutes and is gaining attention for multiple purposes because it falls in between the small 10” and our most popular sparkler, the 36” variety.

36” sparkler for weddings– The 36” offering has quickly become the most popular sparkler in our line of products for its extended burn time of four to four and a half minutes.

Also try our latest heart shaped sparkler. This latest addition to our line has already become an instant hit and features a one and a half minute burn time making it a perfect complement to your photo opportunities. Just like all of our sparkler products, they are packaged in an elegant white box with tasteful gold leaf cursive announcing your specifications.

Wholesale wedding sparklers

We proudly offer the best wedding sparklers available anywhere at affordable prices and discounted price points when purchasing in bulk. Ask about our special offers when consulting with our representatives. Our online site is an VeriSign approved safe shopping and provide free shipping to the 48 contiguous states.


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