How to NOT light Sparklers

How to NOT light Sparklers

What are Wedding Sparklers?

Wedding Sparklers can undoubtedly become a fantastic addition to your wedding day. They offer beautiful sparkles and an unforgettable experience for anyone involved. Wedding photographers are increasingly finding creative ways to exploit the charm of sparklers for the sake of stunning wedding pictures.

The most popular way to use sparklers at your wedding is for a wedding exit. Your guests will essentially create a “runway of sparkles” to guide you to your new life together! Bride and Groom dash through the wedding sparkler exit and are decorated by bright sparkles and the loving energy of their wedding guests.

How to NOT light Sparklers

Even though sparklers can be the perfect addition for your wedding, the main concern customers express is whether sparklers are safe. Given that it is a novelty firework, sparklers must be handled with care. When unlit, sparklers are completely safe. On the other hand, there are a few rules when it comes to lighting sparklers and handling lit sparklers.

How to NOT light your sparklers: matches
Safe alternative to light your sparklers: Use a BBQ lighter, small portable torch, or lighter

We do not recommend lighting sparklers with matches given that top quality sparklers require a strong, consistent flame. Matches emit fragile flames that can easily dissipate and thus will require a few matches before your sparkler is lit. Additionally, using matches forces your fingers to be too close to the sparkler. Once the sparkler ignites, you risk having your fingers too close to the sparkles. Though you will not suffer any severe burns, some customers may be startled and risk dropping a lit sparkler.

When dealing with sparklers, quickly lighting them is extremely important. Using a BBQ lighter or small portable torch will offer an advantage and swiftly light your sparklers. If you can only use traditional, small lighters, it is definitely a safer option than matches. Your fingers will be close to the sparkler, but offer a compromising distance.

How to NOT light your sparklers: one person lights all the sparklers and distributes them
Safe alternative to light your sparklers: each guest will light his/her own sparkler

Sparklers are untamed in the sense that sparkles are emitted in all directions. Therefore, handling many sparklers at once is absolutely a bad idea! Some wedding guests may feel that lighting several sparklers at once will speed up the sparkler process. In reality, someone passing out lit sparklers will be rushing given that sparklers are a limited-time product. As a result, passing out lit sparklers will have to be done quickly, increasing the chances of performing the task irresponsibly. Seeing someone rush with lit sparklers will make everyone uncomfortable.

We have an alternative that is both safer and effective. Begin by giving each of your guests an unlit sparkler. You have the option to either create “sparkler huddle groups” or the “runway set up.” The size of your wedding will determine which option you choose; for instance, large weddings benefit more from “sparkler huddle groups.”

Regardless of which option you choose, you will require the assistance of your bridesmaids, groomsmen, or trusted close family and friends. These special participants will be the ones to initiate the sparkler lighting. They will simply require BBQ butane lighters (traditional butane lighters are an option) and a few instructions.

Sparkler Huddle Groups: separate your guests into huddles and create one sparkler focus point for each group
Runway Set Up: create two parallel lines. lighting starts at each end (4 starting points)

For a detail description on how to properly light sparklers for your wedding exit, please read our “Lighting Sparklers Blog.”

Wedding Sparklers are a very special item that require special attention. We want your wedding day to be full of sparkles, joy, and fantastic pictures. Follow our simple tips for a memorable and safe night!

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