Lighting Wedding Sparklers

Wedding Sparklers

Thinking of adding a twist to your wedding sendoff? Instead of traditional rice throwing, Bride and Grooms are increasingly considering modern alternatives for their wedding exit. Wedding Sparklers are a fantastic and affordable option. They offer breathtaking wedding photography and a joyous celebration. Our inventory of wedding sparklers are some of the best in the industry and sparkle with virtually no smoke and no ash. Our sparklers are wedding venue and wedding photography approved, so bridal parties can fully enjoy the sparkling experience.

Lighting Wedding Sparklers: Option 1

One of the biggest concerns Bride and Grooms face when incorporating sparklers in their wedding is how to effectively light their sparklers. They want to make sure their sparklers are lit as quickly and safely as possible. Keep in mind that sparklers only sparkle for a limited time. For instance, 20inch sparklers sparkle for about two minutes while 36inch sparklers will last for at least three minutes. As the number of guests increases, effectively lighting each and every sparkler becomes more crucial.

One method to quickly lighting wedding sparklers is by arranging your guests into groups. Depending on the number of guests participating in your sparkler exit, group sizes may vary. For example, if 50 guests are participating in your sendoff, you can create five groups of 10. Arrange your group into a circle and assign one individual the role of making sure everyone has an UNLIT sparkler. Once everyone has a sparkler, assign an individual to each group. If you have five groups, you will need five individuals (great opportunity to involve your bridesmaids and groomsmen). Each of these five individuals will require a lit sparkler; in this scenario, you would simply need a few BBQ butane lighters to light these first five sparklers. Once the sparklers are lit, each bridesmaid and/or groomsmen will go to their assigned group. Instruct each member of the group to point their unlit sparklers towards the center in order to create one focal point. Then, the groomsmen or bridesmaid can use his/her lit sparkler to simultaneously light all the sparklers in that group. Each group can instantaneously light all of their sparklers in less than 30 seconds!

Summary of instructions

1- Arrange your guests into groups and instruct each group to form a circle
2- Hand out UNLIT sparklers
3- Each individual group should point their UNLIT sparklers towards the center of the group to create one focal point (where all the sparkler tips are touching)
4- Assign each group an individual (great way to include your bridesmaid or groomsmen). If there are a total of 5 groups, you will require 5 individuals
5- Individuals from STEP 4 will form their own group, be given unlit sparklers, and create one focal point where their sparklers all touch
6- New group from STEP 5 will light their sparklers and walk to their assigned group
7- Direct the lit sparkler towards the center/ focal point to light all the sparklers in each group
8- Each group will break up to form the traditional “runway” lines once the sparklers are lit
9- Let Love Sparkle!

Lighting Wedding Sparklers: Option 2

A second method to lighting wedding sparklers is to first create your wedding exit lines. Make sure each guest has an UNLIT sparkler. At the end of each line, include a family member or close friend with a BBQ lighter. Instruct him/her to light the first sparkler on their end of the line. In other words, if you have two lines, there should be four starting points with lit sparklers. Next, ask each guest with a lit sparkler to “pass on the sparkle” to the person next to him/her. Essentially, each line will have two starting points to expedite the lighting process. Though a much easier approach to lighting sparklers when compared to method 1, this option may require more time to finalize. Keep in mind that each sparkler is being lit one at a time (though one could argue four sparklers are being lit at a time).

Summary of instructions

1- Arrange your guests into the traditional “runway” (two parallel lines)
2- Hand out UNLIT sparklers
3- At each end of each line, designate a trusted wedding guest (great opportunity to involve your bridesmaids or groomsmen, total of 4)
4- The four individuals from STEP 3 will each have UNLIT sparklers
5- Have the four individuals light their sparklers
6- Each lit sparkler will then be used to light the sparkler next to it
7- Continue STEP 6 until all the sparklers reach the center of each line (which indicates every sparkler has been lit)
8- Let Love Sparkle!

How NOT to light sparklers

There is an infamous article online that explains how dangerous sparklers at weddings can be. It basically explains how passing out lit sparklers can be very dangerous. If you’re considering using wedding sparklers, under no circumstances should anyone be passing out lit sparklers. First of all, one individual cannot possibly carry more than a few lit sparklers at a time, let alone a batch of 20 or 30. Also, if you hold lit sparklers too close to each other, sparklers will inevitably touch while sparkling. As a result, the sparklers can get “stuck” since the hot ends have a similar effect as glue. It is absolutely UNSAFE to hand out lit sparklers. Any slip or mishandling can cause a sparkler to fall and land on someone, causing severe burns.

Lit sparklers should only be held by their steel wire handles. Even after the sparkler does not emit any more sparkles, guests should not touch the burnt end. We recommend using our Sparkler Buckets or similar products to safely dispose of used sparklers.

Wedding Sparklers for Sale

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