First Dance Sparkler Ideas

When you think of wedding sparklers, you normally think of a sparkler exit. With a quick search on google, it’s tough to consider sparklers for other uses (besides July 4th). Wedding sparkler sendoffs are fantastic, one of the most popular wedding exit ideas, but space is a requirement. One of the “must-do’s for wedding sparkler exits” is to first confirm the use of sparklers with your venue. When you do so, ask them to show you their designated sparkler area; most experienced venues will have a specific area for sparkler exits. If the space is too small for your wedding party, you have the option of hosting your first dance with sparklers!

36 inch Wedding Sparklers 

Normally, 20inch sparklers are a popular option for sparkler exits. Unfortunately, if your only option is using your sparklers for your first dance as newlyweds, we highly recommend opting for the 36inch sparkler size. With a burning time of about 3.5 minutes, 36 inch sparklers are better suited for first dances. Your guests will form a circle to create a dance floor for the bride and groom.

20 inch Sparklers

Considering the time it takes to light sparklers, 20 inch sparklers will fade about half way through your dance. On the other hand, if each guest is handed two sparklers, you can instruct them to light their second sparkler once their first sparkler begins to fade. Another creative alternative is to hand each of your guests one sparkler. With the help of your bridesmaids or groomsmen, light half of the sparklers. For example, if 100 guests are attending your first dance, you will require 100 sparklers but only 50 will be lit initially. The key is to light 50 sparklers throughout the circle instead of just in one place. Ideally, wedding guests should be able to light their sparklers from nearby sparklers; this prevents any walking around or rushing to get a sparkler lit. Once the first 50 sparklers are about to completely fade out, the next 50 sparklers can be lit! This will double your sparkle time!

For either option, two sparklers per guest or lighting half of the sparklers and then the other half, you will need to inform your guests ahead of time. You want to make sure that your first dance is not interrupted by confused wedding guests.

How To Light Sparklers

For your first dance with wedding sparklers, you will require lighters and extra sparklers. Using the example of 100 sparklers for a wedding of 100 guests, we would recommend purchasing about 108 sparklers. With the help of your bridesmaids and groomsmen, give each of them one unlit sparkler with a lighter. Once your guests form a circle around the bride and groom and the music is one click away, instruct your bridesmaids and groomsmen to position themselves throughout your guests; once they do so, they can light their sparklers and immediately begin lighting your guests’ sparklers. If you purchase 36inch sparklers, you can go ahead and light all of the sparklers. If you opted for 20inch sparklers, we encourage you to follow our recommendation and only light half of the sparklers.

Other First Dance Ideas

There are hundreds of awesome first dance ideas you could incorporate in your wedding. From costume changes to a choreographed dance or using props, find the idea that fits your unique love story. For a first dance with sparklers, try to match the length of the song with the amount of time your sparklers will sparkle. Even if your dance lasts a little longer than your sparklers, try to time it as close as possible.

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