Must-Do’s for Wedding Sparkler Exits

Must-Do’s for Wedding Sparkler Exits

Verify with your venue

It is very important to first verify with your venue. Just because your venue has an outdoor section that will be perfect for sparklers, do not assume they will allow it. Some venues may be located within a county that does not allow novelty fireworks even though the venue itself may not have any issues allowing sparklers. It is always best to inform your venues about your plans. A hidden smoke detector and an unaware venue could ruin the night! Best case scenario, your wedding venue recommends a wedding sparkler company and an experienced sparkler wedding photographer.

  • Don’t hide your sparklers from your venue. Who knows how your venue will react to an unexpected wedding sparkler exit. They may be very strict and prevent you from using your sparklers. Just think about how disappointed your guests will feel if your venue prevents you from having a sparkler exit.

Best Wedding Sparkler Size

The longer the sparkler, the better. Sparklers take time to light. If planned well, it may take anywhere between half a minute to one minute to light all of your sparklers. If you were to purchase 10inch sparklers with a sparkle time of about 50 seconds, you will not have enough time for a sparkler exit. 36inch sparklers on the other hand, sparkle for about 3.5 minutes, which offer plenty of time even if there was a delay in the lighting process.

  • Don’t underestimate how long it will take to light your sparklers. You can plan your exit completely, but it is tough to predict how cooperative your guests will be. Choosing a larger sparkler will offer more comfort just in case you need that extra minute.

Lighting Sparklers

There are a few ways to light sparklers: matches, lighters, and with other sparklers. We first recommend lighting a few sparklers with lighters, not matches. Matches tend to have a weak, short lasting flame; each sparkler may require a few matches to light and require two people. Lighters on the other hand, have a consistent, strong flame and only require one person per sparkler to light. Instead of traditional lighters, we recommend BBQ lighters. After lighting a few sparklers, use them to light the rest of your sparklers as this is the best way to light wedding sparklers. For full tips on how to set up your sparkler exit, please read our BLOG.

  • Don’t rely on matches. Some bridal parties think purchasing several match boxes will be enough. Besides not being effective for lighting sparklers, matches are wasteful. You will be responsible for the trash left behind by your guests.

Announce your Sparkler Exit

Involve your DJ if you’re planning to announce your sparkler exit. If your venue offers their own speaker and mic system, simply assign someone to make the announcement with a few instructions. We recommend coupling an announcement with a display. Purchasing a Wedding Sparkler Package provides a visual reminder for your attendees.

  • Don’t keep your sparkler exit as a secret. Having a clear announcement will make sure everyone who is present participates. It will also allow for an organized gathering of all your guests, which will ensure your sparkler exit takes place around the scheduled time. 

Wedding Photographer

Virtually all bride and grooms fall in love with the thousands of sparkler pictures they find online and look forward to having their very own stunning wedding sparkler pictures. Unfortunately, sparklers are tough to photograph for one simple reason: lighting. The good news is, keeping your wedding photographer in the loop can make really help make your sparkler dreams come true! Make sure to ask him/her if he/she has previous experience photographing sparklers. If not, he/she will have enough time to research how to photograph sparklers. Ordering your sparklers ahead of time can also provide your wedding photographer the opportunity to run a few test trials.

  • Don’t exclude your wedding photographer from your plans of having a sparkler exit. He/she may or may not know how to take full advantage of this opportunity. If you want to make sure you have beautiful wedding sparkler pictures, speaking and planning with your wedding photographer is a MUST!

Sparkler Exit Music

When choosing music for your wedding, also consider choosing a song for your wedding exit. We recommend an upbeat, popular hit since most people are more likely to join in on the dancing and singing if they recognize the song. A clever choice would be a “fire” themed song such as Katy Perry’s “Firework.” Most likely, your sparkler exit will be outside and away from your reception. If you’re going to play music for your wedding sparkler exit, remember to wire a speaker nearby.

  • Don’t assume your DJ knows what a wedding sparkler is. He/she may have no issues providing the music but may not be aware that he/she will need extra equipment. Please speak with your DJ about your plans!

Wedding Sparkler Runway

For your exit, your guests will form two parallel lines. The spacing between each guest will vary and will most likely be a foot or two. The space between each LINE should be about 8-10 feet. You want to make sure the bride and groom are comfortably able to walk side by side through the runway of sparkles. Ideally, there should be about two feet of space between the newlyweds and each guest line on each side.

  • Don’t sacrifice safety! Make sure the wedding sparkler exit takes place in a wide space. Your bridesmaids/groomsmen should also prep the area so that it is clear of obstacles for the wedding guests and bride and groom. Having someone trip and fall with a lit sparkler can be scary.

Take Your Time

After all the preparation and effort, make sure you enjoy your sparkler exit. Remember, this is your wedding day! It’s been months of planning, ups and downs, so you earned taking a deep breath and enjoying your beautiful day. Walking through your wedding sparkler exit could easily take just 20 seconds! Slow down, give your life partner a long kiss, wave at your guests, and the photographer will take care of the rest!

  • Don’t rush! Even if you have a long runway, walking at an average pace will still only take 20-30 seconds at most! The sparkler exit is for YOU! You want as many pictures as possible. Remember, this is a one-time only opportunity!

Disposing Sparklers

Venues love knowing you have a plan especially if it involves sparklers. Hesitant wedding venues will feel more at ease if they know you have a thorough plan that includes safely disposing sparklers. Include one (or two) of our 15inch vintage steel sparkler buckets in your order and use them to both display and house your used sparklers. Simply fill the buckets with sand and “plant” your sparklers until your wedding exit. Once the sparklers are used, instruct your guest to insert the “burnt” tip of the sparkler in the sand.

  • Don’t leave a mess behind! Besides possible fees, it simply isn’t courteous. Specifically with sparklers, having a designated “sparkler disposing site” can help prevent any accidents. Even after the sparkle is gone, the sparkler will remain very hot. We do not recommend having guests walk around with hot sparklers and accidentally bump into other guests. If your venue has a horrible experience with sparklers, future bride and grooms may not be given the opportunity to enjoy their own sparkler exit!