Daytime Wedding Sparklers!

 Daytime Wedding Sparklers

  All brides want the perfect nighttime wedding atmosphere when it’s time for wedding sparklers.  We understand this isn’t always the case, as a lot of weddings take place during the day time when the sun is still out.  We wanted to let all soon to be brides  that you can still use our wedding sparklers during the day time.  Our Daytime Wedding Sparklers are just as vibrant and take fantastic pictures when the sun is out.  Our wedding sparklers are completely different than traditional sparklers.  Our wedding sparklers are made with a steel wire core which help ensure a smokeless and ash-less display.  ViP Sparklers 20 inch wedding sparklers and 36 inch sparklers will help absolutely take some remarkable photo’s for the grand wedding occasion!  We’ve attached some really great wedding photo’s to help showcase how great our wedding sparklers still look no mater what time of the day it is.

Using Wedding Sparklers During The Day

  We have attached a couple photo’s some of our newlywed customers who bought ViP Sparklers and used them during the daytime.  In these two wedding photo’s you will see two of our most popular items featured: ViP Sparklers 20 and 36 inch wedding sparklers.  Our 36 inch sparklers, used by Emily and Charles walking through the tunnel of wedding sparklers has a burn time of over four minutes.  Using 36 inch wedding sparklers help ensure that the bride and groom have ample amount of time to stroll through the sparkler display and not rush anything! 

Our 36 inch sparklers are the most popular wedding sparklers in the wedding novelty fireworks industry.  The other picture you see is Donna and Harvey taking a fun and cute wedding pose picture with our 20 inch wedding sparklers.  Our 20 inch wedding sparklers are the perfect size to take some newlywed photo’s and even bridal party photo fun!  We hope by showcasing and discussing that our daytime wedding sparklers can still be used during the day time will help you still keep that fairy-tale exit intact! If you ever have any questions about our wedding sparklers or any product. Please feel free to send us an email to or speak with our customer service team.  We hope to add an extra spark to your big day!