Best Wedding Sparklers

Best Wedding Sparklers

ViP’s Best Wedding Sparklers

Okay, so what’s the most fun 4th of July item?  Sparklers, of course!  You know you love them ‘cause everyone does, and that includes brides, grooms and wedding guests.  And who has the best indoor wedding sparklers?  ViP, of course!  There are so many places you can use wedding sparklers – the ceremony, the reception, as favors, for the first dances, and, our favorite, the grand exit!

As you and your groom leave the reception have your guests line up in two rows forming a “tunnel” with sparklers through with the two of you will walk.  You can have the tunnel lead to the “get away” car if you like.  Just be sure to clue in your photographer to capture that magical moment.

Which Type of Wedding Sparkler Should I Use?

Well, the type is up to your individual taste and we have several to choose from.  Our sparklers come in three sizes and also heart-shaped (just for fun, of course!).  Choose from 10” for a burn time of 1 to 1 ½ minutes, 20” for 2 to 2 ½ minutes, or 36” (wow!  That’s 3 feet!) for a burn time of 4 to 4 ½ minutes (for plenty of picture snapping moments).  Heart shaped sparklers have a burn time of 1 minute.  Of course what they lack in burn time, they make up for in fun time and our prices are low enough you can always buy 2 per guest for more photo op time.  Even our boxes are designed to be stylish.

Some Things to Consider

There are some things to keep in mind when using sparklers at your wedding.  Make sure your venue allows sparklers.  Some will and some will not.  Some may allow them outdoors but not in.  In any case, you do not want to have a perfect moment ruined by restrictions you are unaware of.

To ensure that most of the guests, and certainly all that want to, participate in your sparkler activity, make sure they are aware of the timing.  You can go about this in some different ways, some being displaying a sign, having someone hand them out at the door with verbal instructions, or placing sparklers on each table with a card announcing how and when they are to be used.

Make sure to plan for the lighting of the sparklers.  You can use matches, lighters, or simply light one off another, but make sure you plan accordingly and provide enough matches, or lighters, etc.

Lastly, you will want to plan for putting your sparklers out safely.  The best option is to provide a bucket (or buckets) half filled with sand to extinguish sparklers and to ensure they are completely out and cooled.  Task someone with making sure they are disposed of properly.

Best wedding sparklers add that special sparkling touch to your big day.  Your guests will be talking about your wedding and reception for a long time to come and you can expect to be asked (a lot) where those awesome sparklers came from!  You will be very glad that you chose our best wedding sparklers to share your big day.

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