4 Cool Ways to Use Sparklers

Ways to Use Sparklers

You’re probably familiar with those sparklers everyone hands out to kids during the 4th of July. While they’re fun as kids, they’re certainly not for adults, right? Actually, sparklers aren’t just for kids anymore. Manufacturers and sparkler lovers alike have come up with creative, innovative ways to use sparklers, and many companies now produce premium sparklers for weddings, nightclubs and more with virtually no smoke or ash. If you have fond memories of sparklers from your childhood, here are some cool ways you can enjoy them today!

Wedding Sparklers

While sparklers for weddings have been catching on over the last few years, you can still have a really unique and memorable wedding by incorporating sparklers into your wedding. Try a fun sparkler send-off instead of having your guests use birdseed, rice or bubbles, or give them out as wedding favors by bundling sparklers with a personalized match book and colorful ribbon. There are endless ways to use sparklers for weddings!

Sparklers for Photography

Premium sparklers have a burn time of up to one-and-a-half minutes, and long exposure shots can make really beautiful, creative pictures when you add in a few sparklers. You can write out words, make fun shapes or get interesting effects. This idea is also related to wedding sparklers as many couples have their photographer get creative, such as having the wedding party spell out “Happily ever after” or “Love” with sparklers. The couple can also stand along the beach at night in an embrace, with the bride holding up a lit sparkler. The photographer can then use special editing techniques and long exposures to leave a message in sparkler writing trailing from the bride’s hand.

Bottle Sparklers at Nightclubs

Did you know they make special sparklers just for use with champagne bottles? These safe sparklers can be used to sell more champagne at nightclubs, or make your special event even more interesting! If you’re going to serve champagne on your anniversary or for New Years think about serving them with bottle sparklers.

Sparklers Instead of Birthday Candles

Sure, blowing out the candles on a birthday cake is fun, but birthday cake sparklers are definitely more exciting. They can be used indoors and burn for up to 1 minute, creating a moment that everyone will remember!

There are so many ways to incorporate sparklers in your celebration. Fun for both kids and adults, sparklers help you capture unique and fun pictures, celebrate your wedding with family and friends or boost the excitement for a big anniversary or birthday party. You’ll also find that premium sparklers for sale are not nearly as expensive as you may think and they may be used indoors or outdoors with virtually no smoke or ash. Why not get in touch with your inner child and try sparklers at your next event?