5 Ways Wedding Sparklers Can Save the Day

Wedding Sparkler Benefits

Weddings are meant to be magical experiences for every bride and groom. With small budgets making their way onto the wedding scene, you can be sure creative minds are coming up with ways to make every brides day something special and memorable. Here are five ways wedding sparklers can add a touch of wonder to any wedding.

  1. Create the patriotic cake of your dreams

    . If your planning on throwing a huge fourth of July wedding bash, than what better way to show your American colors than through a red white and blue tiered cake. There are so many different ways you can play this angle. You can do a three tiered cake, one red, one white, one blue, and cover each cake with various decoration accents such as silver stars, or even sparklers. Be careful if you do decide on the sparklers though, don’t light them until you’re ready to cut the cake so that you don’t chance melting your edible work of art.
  2. Table settings that will knock their socks off

    . If you really want to put on a show you can set up the table adornments with wedding sparklers that will add just the right amount of oomph to your reception entrance. Have a couple of handy volunteers light them up just before your set to make your entrance and not only will the world shine bright for that moment, but the photo opportunities are limitless.
  3. Let the aisle light your way

    . If you’re really adventurous, and you’re planning an outdoor affair at night, you could set up sparklers at each side of the aisle to light your way to matrimony. Make sure your aisle is wide enough to accommodate you and your wedding party with at least one to two feet clearance on each side when you walk down. Wedding sparklers are a magnificent addition to any wedding walk, but remember safety first.
  4. Sparkling Bouquet

    . This idea it grand, but can be a little tricky. You can add sparklers to your bouquet, which will astonish and please a crowd, but you have to make sure your aren’t wearing a veil, because it could catch a spark, and that you get sparklers that fizzle out quickly or they could be a distraction during the remainder of the ceremony.
  5. Sparkling exit

    . Due to the dangers to the birds inhabiting this great world, many people no longer throw rice at the wedded couple as they exit the ceremony. A great new option is to have everyone stand on either side of the exiting procession and hold up sparklers to light the couples’ way. It’s not only a spectacular way to send off a bride and groom, it can also be a symbolic way for friends and family to help light the way for the couples future.

There are many Wedding Sparkler Benefits for you and your guests to enjoy. Browse through our online store and order your wedding sparklers today!