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Welcome to ViP Sparklers! We have been  a part of the wedding industry for fifteen years and are proud to have been a part of thousands of weddings. We are in love with being a part of such a special day; every day, we have the honor of speaking with bride and grooms from all over the United States and are continuing to learn about new wedding trends and wedding supplies. It is an ever-changing industry with so many different forms of expressing your very special wedding day.

Our selection of wedding products begin with our famous Wedding Sparklers. Wedding Sparklers have been a popular product for wedding exits. Commonly referred as sparkler exits or sparkler sendoffs, wedding planners agree that any wedding should end with a memorable wedding exit! Sparklers have become a staple in wedding exists given their magical appeal and undeniably amazing wedding pictures. Bride, grooms, and wedding guests always look forward to seeing their amazing sparkler pictures.

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36 inch Wedding Sparklers (5 min.)
  • From $49.99
36 inch Wedding Sparklers (3 min.)
  • From $7.99