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Welcome to ViP Sparklers! We have proudly been serving the nightclub industry for over fifteen years and are proud to have been a part of thousands of events and nightclubs. Our mission was to continually offer the most popular and exciting nightclub supplies online. We have been invited to many events throughout the United States and supply products to bars, lounges and nightclubs.

Everyone deserves the VIP experience! Our selection of nightclub products begin with our famous Champagne Bottle Sparklers. Bottle Sparklers have been a very popular product for bars, lounges, and especially nightclubs. Our nightclub sparklers immediately enhance the experience of customers and most definitely capture the essence of being a VIP! For any venue that cannot host bottle sparklers, we also offer LED products for fantastic bottle service shows!

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Champagne Bottle Sparkler Clips
Bottle Sparkler Clips

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Bottle Sparkler Clips

  • $12.99

Safety Bottle Clips for Bottle Sparklers Improve your Bottle Service experience with Champagne Bottle Sparklers! Include our Safety Bottle Clips for the safest, most professional display! We are excited to introduce our new safety bottle clips for our champagne bottle sparklers, formerly known as...

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