Worst Wedding Guest Types

Worst Wedding Guest Types

As much as one may plan, there are certain things one can only prepare for. Truthfully speaking, one can only demand things from businesses, not people. Bride and Grooms usually encounter difficult wedding guests on what should be their special day, an invitation that should be taken as an honor. Unfortunately, some guests do not understand the value of attending a wedding. Here is our list of the worst wedding guest types.

Wedding Invitation Guests

There’s a reason why wedding invitations are a huge industry: bride and grooms carefully plan who they want attending their wedding. Unfortunately, not everyone who is invited RSVPs, or those who do attend may bring more attendees than allowed. In both instances, it can cause a few issues.

One of the main benefits of using wedding invitations is to determine how many people will attend your wedding. You ask possible attendees to RSVP in advance in order to estimate how many wedding guests you will have, where to seat them, and whether some guests will not attend. If someone isn’t attending but you have another guest who may want to bring one or two more guests, the bride and groom can decide to allow the extra guests since another guest declined.

Having an accurate number of wedding guests is crucial since your venue most likely has a limit on guests as well as an average cost per guest. Out of 100 sent out invitations, roughly 60 people RSVP. On the day of your wedding, you may be surprised to find out that there are almost 150 people in the room! Some guests may have missed the number of allowed guests on their invitation and figure they could bring a family member or two. Especially applicable for guests with children, parents with newborns will most likely attend as a family while young children could potentially be guests at your wedding if the parents could not find a babysitter. You may run into issues such as running out of chairs, tables, and food. It could also hurt you financially since you already set your budget to a maximum of 100 people (for example).

Wedding Etiquette Guests

Wedding etiquette is extremely important though an unwritten rule. Some guests feel they are attending a party instead of an intimate gathering. They party as if they are in the night club and do not respect the solemnity of the event. Some enjoy the free alcohol and may act inappropriately with your venue staff or guests.

For some insensitive relatives, your wedding day is treated as their moment to vent familial grudges. Some may even have the courage of making a scene in your wedding! Ask your closest relatives for whom they feel should be invited. Try to include characters you feel will enjoy your beautiful ceremony and participate in accordingly. Be prepared to exclude certain people from you wedding day even if you are faced with opposition.


Unfortunately, your bridesmaids can also bring about stress; they may complain about unflattering cut off their dresses, the color and fabric of their gown not matching their skin tone, or how they don’t approve your future husband. The lesson here is whenever picking your bridesmaids, make sure that you know them for a long time. They should be taking care of you during that day and not the other way around.

So how to handle these shenanigans? First and foremost, try to inhale and exhale in order to clear your mind. Remember to deal with those unexpected situations with grace and poise. Make sure you have someone to go to when things become too stressful, someone who will listen and calmly help you solve any issues. For some cring-worthy wedding guest confessions, check out this blog.

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