Why are Wedding Sparklers So Popular?

Why are Wedding Sparklers So Popular?

  Wedding Sparklers have increased in popularity over the past several years and with  a wide range in sizes and shapes available, there is an option out there for everyone’s taste. Wedding sparklers are used during bridal parties, receptions and most regularly during the newlyweds’ grand wedding exit. Throwing rice and rose petals at weddings are a thing of the past and couples are now exiting their chapels and their banquet halls in much more style. Different size sparklers offer varying burn times, which makes it easier to incorporate the right type of sparkler into almost any event. This type of versatility is the main reason why they have become so popular and because they can easily fit into any occasion and any venue, people will continue to rely on wedding sparklers and they will continue to increase in popularity in the future.

Celebrities Love Wedding Sparklers

  One thing that has helped out the wedding sparkler in its recent explosion, is the amount of endorsements that these products have received. You may have heard about them by word of mouth from your neighbors, your family or even your friends. Additionally, you may have seen them in bridal magazines that are world-renowned in the wedding industry. But it is the word of celebrities, as with anything else, that create the loudest buzz about any given product. With a homemaker like Martha Stewart proclaiming that wedding sparklers are a must-have for any wedding, you can imagine how loud that resonated with brides-to-be from around the country. ViP Sparklers was thrilled to hear about these endorsements for our products in Martha Stewart Weddings and Elegant Bride Magazine. Martha gave all brides a great piece of advice about choosing the proper wedding sparklers, when she emphasized on the importance of using steel based sparklers, which give off significantly less smoke and debris; thus creating more glamorous photos.  Perhaps the biggest reason why wedding sparklers have taken off and become so popular is the pictures they produce at your wedding.  Over the course of ten years we’ve had countless brides tell us the best pictures taken at the wedding were at the end of the night with the wedding sparklers.  ViP Sparklers offers multiple different sizes of wedding sparklers so we can offer you the ideal grand wedding exit you want!  We understand no two weddings are the same, so if you call our offices or email us we will help customize your wedding sparklers for you.  With our options of 36 inch wedding sparklers to our 20 inch wedding sparklers we can find the exact burn time and type of wedding pictures you would like to achieve. Below we will discuss the varies different options ViP Sparklers offers for our brides for wedding sparklers.

Custom Wedding Sparklers

  Fortunately for our brides and grooms, we specialize in these quality products exactly. At ViP Sparklers, we offer 20-inch wedding sparklers, which provide users with a burn time of approximately two minutes, which make them ideal for smaller receptions and guest lists. But don’t be disappointed if you have a bigger guest list and need a sparkler to use during a longer wedding exit than normal. ViP Sparklers also offers 36-inch sparklers and with a burn time of close to four minutes, this variation has become the perfect size for extended photo opportunities and much more elaborate grand wedding exits.

Our staff always takes the time to speak to and help all brides plan their perfect wedding exit. And after emailing us your requests and orders to sales@vipsparklers.net, our representatives will personally stay there with you until the final spark goes out on you’re big event. We truly know how important this day is and we are happy to be a part of it. This is why we pride ourselves in carrying such a wide variety of affordable wedding sparklers to help fit every plan, every budget and any venue.