Wholesale Champagne Bottle Sparklers

Wholesale Champagne Bottle Sparklers

ViP Sparkler’s champagne bottle sparklers are geared toward helping people commemorate the special moments in their lives. Bottle Sparklers are also aimed at helping venues increase their appearances while driving up future sales. Premium bottle sparklers attract the attention of everyone in your nightclub, restaurant or lounge type establishment. They satisfy the party that is receiving your sparkling bottle or dessert service, but they also inspire onlookers that will almost certainly come back to your place of business when it is their turn to capture any given moment. Word of mouth becomes a factor as well because the display from these bottle sparklers is so awe-inspiring that everyone will be raving to their friends and loved ones after seeing these sparklers in action. We are proud to introduce our wholesale champagne bottle sparklers to all our customers!

VIP Sparklers Bottle Sparklers

Not many companies offer Champagne bottle sparklers bulks, but ViP sparklers is now offering wholesale champagne bottle sparkler prices! Take advantage of our wholesale bottle sparkler sale to replenish your champagne bottle sparkler inventory. When stored in a cool dry place, these sparklers have a shelf life of 3-5 years and by ordering them wholesale, you can insert this product into your arsenal. Thinking in this manner will ensure that you always have the option to use these sparklers on hand. In addition to facilitating preparedness, purchasing your bottle sparklers at wholesale prices saves your company money given the budget friendly cost. Contact our friendly associates at sales@vipsparklers.com if you have any questions regarding our products or selecting the best shipping method.

The most commonly ordered quantity by most places of business is the full case, which brings 240 champagne bottle sparklers and is priced at $125.00. You should take into consideration the fact that you will probably want to attach more than one sparkler per bottle. By using our safety bottle clips, you will safely be able to clip  3 to 4 champagne bottle sparklers to each bottle, making each one look like a rocket about to lift-off! Customers love having an experience, and our wholesale champagne bottle sparklers offer the VIP EXPERIENCE! The most popular bars and nightclubs in the nation incorporate champagne sparklers in their inventory after noticing an increase in traffic and sales. All the guests that will be present and witnessing your presentation will be left with a lasting impression! Some people choose to attach our premium bottle sparklers to their bottles using rubber bands, but this practice is strongly discouraged by ViP Sparklers because it puts in jeopardy the safety of your guests and your establishment.

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When purchasing our wholesale champagne bottle sparklers, we strongly recommend including our safety bottle clips. The addition of our bottle clips enhances the VIP EXPERIENCE without increasing the risk of your customers, staff, and establishment. Considering all of these factors when making your purchase will ensure that you have no problem achieving your desired results. The bottle sparkler safety bottle clip quantities at ViP sparklers range in price, from 5 safety bottle clips for $6.99 to 100 clips for $75.99. As you can see, ordering our bottle clips in large quantities will save you even more money on your order! Make sure to explore our wholesale champagne bottle sparklers and see how our wholesale prices are the best on the market.