When Is The Right Time To Buy Wedding Sparklers

When To Order Wedding Sparklers

When is the right time to order Wedding Sparklers?

Heartfelt days such as Wedding events always have room for worth while moments. We completely understand wanting to incorporate as many ideas seamlessly into your treasured day. After all, it is a celebration to remember! Nonetheless, a wedding planner is almost always necessary to help make tough decisions easier. We have encountered many brides who expressed being introduced to wedding sparklers by a Wedding Planner. Clients can actually think of us as Wedding “Sparkler” Planners with a full staff to answer any questions; we guarantee making our process easy, informative, and effective. For instance, throughout the wedding season, most brides inquire about the best time to purchase Wedding Sparklers. Most clients wonder how early they can store Wedding Sparklers or if it’s ever too early to shop for this item. Since ViP Wedding Sparklers are made with a steel wire core, our 36inch, 20inch, and 10inch sparklers can be stocked for a few years in a cool and dry environment. Ideally, we can be the second item to cross off your list, right after the venue approves the use of sparklers! It is an amazing investment with huge rewards only requiring a minimal amount of your time. We feel you can seal the deal for an even more amazing night the moment you are inspired by the spectacular images taken by photographers in unforgettable weddings! Though the still shots are remarkable, the experience itself becomes a bonding moment for guests and bride and groom.

Reasons to Buy Wedding Sparklers Early?

One of the most popular ways to celebrate and take full advantage of wedding sparklers is having a Grand Sparkling Exit; timing is extremely important. With a burning time of 3.5-4 minutes for the 36” Wedding Sparklers, simply being aware of this fact comes a long way!  Photographers could be informed and even given examples of online photos to share the vision and delivery. With a few tricks on how to light up all the sparklers in minimal time, it is also very important that no guest feels out of place or left out of this memorable moment.  Additionally, a well populated picture with wedding sparklers commands a stunning presence and becomes the centerpiece of almost every wedding! With a secure guest list, different size sparklers work well with different ages. From beginning to end, disposing of the sparklers is as important and much of an event as setting the sparklers up to be lit. Venues can set up a designated and labeled area with buckets filled with sand for guests to bury their used sparklers. With such an organized gathering, all of your guests will perform as perfect as if it were a rehearsed ceremony.

Need Wedding Sparklers in a Rush?

We will try our best to make sure your wedding is Grand at ViP Sparklers! We are the only wedding sparkler company with offices throughout the country to ensure you receive your purchase(s) on time.  You can order online or over the phone just in case you have a few questions regarding arrival time or Express shipping. One of our unique offers is our free FedEx ground shipping for orders $50.00 or over, which have a 1-4 business day(s) expected arrival time. If you ever have any questions or concerns, you can also contact us via email at sales@vipsparklers.net.  We hope to add an extra spark to your big night!