What Size Sparklers Are Best for Weddings?

Wedding sparklers are a popular choice for many couples to include in their weddings. Sparklers are a stunning and enjoyable addition to practically any wedding. You will discover that there are many alternatives available to you when you decide to use wedding sparklers during your wedding. Wedding sparklers come in a variety of sizes and forms, so you might be confused about how to sort through the data and select the right one for your ceremony and special day. Since you probably do not have a lot of additional time while preparing for a wedding ceremony, let us go over some of your possibilities and when each would be most appropriate.


Popular Wedding Sparklers from Us

Many brides and grooms make the all or nothing decision when choosing sparklers. To do this, pick one of our 36-inch sparklers. Due to their prolonged burn time, which enables the pair to escape under a sparkling arch, they are our most popular type. These double-dipped wedding sparklers may last for more than three minutes, giving you plenty of time to take pictures as you arrive and leave. Additionally, they give photographers time to capture the happy couple kissing or group shots. A 36-inch sparkler will guarantee that your special day will be everything you've ever imagined it to be.


The Most Affordable Wedding Sparklers We Offer

The cost of the sparklers is a factor for some brides and grooms. Budgets might occasionally become constrained because a wedding involves so many expenses. Due to their low cost, our 20-inch sparklers are the most popular. Being cost-effective does not need sacrificing quality. These sparklers have through a double dipping process, giving off a cheery and bright gold dazzle. Each 20-inch wedding sparkler burns for two minutes. This provides the pair plenty of time to go in a relaxed, unhurried manner. For the majority of our wedding requirements, 20-inch sparklers are the ideal option.


And 14-Inch Sparklers?

We advise using one of our 14-inch sparklers for a small to medium-sized wedding. The burn time of each 14-inch wedding sparkler is 90 seconds. There is just enough time to enjoy the effect without making the wedding ceremony last too long or interfering with other wedding ceremony rituals.


When Should 10-Inch Sparklers Be Set at the Correct Level?

Our quality 10-inch sparklers are a terrific option if you intend to use them indoors. For use without smoke or ash, our premium sparklers include a steel wire core. Nobody wants a fire alarm to go off during the ceremony, so this is crucial. These high-quality 10-inch sparklers work well for toasts, the first dance, and the ceremonial cutting of the cake. 10-inch sparklers give you the flexibility to deploy them exactly as you want for dramatic effect and let you add a little sparkle to practically any section of the wedding ceremony.


Sparklers in the form of stars and hearts

Two sparks from these sparklers spread outward when they are lighted, forming a pattern of stars or hearts. These 75-second sparklers measure 10 inches long. Star sparklers can transform our party into a starry night and give a touch of extra elegance to our wedding festivities. On the other hand, heart-shaped sparklers bring a little more romanticism to our party and emphasize the couple's intense love for one another. Sparklers in the shapes of a star or a heart go well with all of the other sparklers that are offered. Using a variety of sparklers will truly help you produce a show-stopping effect that will astound everyone in attendance. Why not go all out and have sparklers in all sizes and shapes when choosing to utilize sparklers to create a fantastic overall effect?

The location and timing of their use during the ceremony are frequently determining factors in selecting the optimal size of wedding sparklers. We provide both inexpensive sparklers and sparklers that last a long time, allowing for longer photo shoots. Wedding sparklers are another item we sell; they work well indoors or in more intimate situations. These sparklers, which come in a variety of shapes, can greatly elevate a wedding.

It's crucial to consider when and where you plan to use the sparklers throughout the wedding before selecting the ones that will work best for you. Sparklers can be utilized either once during your major event or again throughout the entire evening. Use sparklers safely and according to protocol at the VIP Sparklers site. Check out all of our suggestions for wedding sparklers to learn how to use them, when to buy them, and other helpful information.