Wedding Trends

Wedding Trends

We are excited to share these trending wedding ideas! Weddings are always evolving to express a couple’s unique love story. Some times unfortunately, bride and grooms must abide by strict rules from their venues or are limited by wedding budgets. With the exception of one wedding trend mentioned below, all of these trending wedding ideas are completely budget friendly and can offer so much more personality to your wedding. Discover popular wedding trends and essentially an addition to your wedding day! 

Comfort Food

Let’s begin our list with something we all love! More and more weddings are taking a turn for casual and home-inspired foods. Comfort food is welcomed and appreciated by us all; we all enjoy the sentimental, nostalgic feeling comfort food has to offer. Modern weddings are slowly beginning to embrace a simple, more home-inspired food selection; bride and grooms want they're weddings to feel like an intimate gathering and details such as the choice of food make an impression.


Mountain Views

Destination weddings are fantastic in so many ways. Guests are able to take a trip to a resort and enjoy a memorable wedding and getaway. Most destination weddings take place in or around mountain views simply because there is nothing more beautiful than nature-driven wedding pictures. Wedding photographers are open to the excitement that nature has to offer; it offers natural backdrops that cannot be forged yet are still enough to be captured over and over again. With photography, nothing beats natural light; enjoy the outdoors and make your wedding destination one with a mountain view.


Fun Photos


Out with the “stress,” in with the FUN! Weddings have evolved into unique, nontraditional celebrations and guests are enjoying every second of it. More importantly, we want bride and grooms to have fun on their special day. Share a quirky moment, strike a daring pose, or jump into a pool with your loved one for a memorable picture. Nothing else says fun and happiness than a wedding picture with two special people sharing an inside joke and laughing about it. The more people you involve in your wedding picture, the better!


Rustic themes


One of our favorite wedding styles is rustic. Something about the country-ish, outdoor scenery that captures our attention. It is a simple, minimalism style that acts as a detail to your wedding approach rather than as the main act. Rustic themes also allow for hand crafted wedding decor. The bride, groom, and wedding party can express themselves creatively when decorating a rustic driven wedding. Rustic weddings also appreciate fun twists to traditional activities. For instance, choosing a rustic style for your wedding opens doors to introducing fun photos, mountain view photo shoots, comfort food, and our next wedding trend.


Wedding Sparklers


Wedding sparklers are a growing trend within all wedding themes. If your wedding venue allows it, most likely you will be considering wedding sparklers. Unfortunately, wedding venues do not “suggest” wedding sparklers even if they allow it. Bride and Grooms must be aware of the idea and propose it to their venue. Sparklers are known to rival fairy tale pictures with their magical glow and sparkles. If you consider a wedding sparkler exit, there are a few tips to make sure you purchase the best sparkler option.

There are several wedding trends that can spice up your wedding on a friendly wedding budget. Choosing a venue that’s flexible with your ideas and vision is step number one. The principle idea behind growing wedding trends is making your wedding your very own.