Wedding Sparklers Shaped Like A Heart

ViP Best Heart-Shaped Wedding Sparklers

You’ve waited for this day for your entire life.  Little girls start early planning that dream wedding.  Many a young lady has a scrapbook filled with pictures of sparkly wedding dresses and every sort of decoration and accessory they can dream up.  You want your wedding to be perfect in every way and one your guests will be talking about for years to come.

Where to Use Your Heart-Shaped Wedding Sparklers

Add a special and unique touch with our best heart shaped wedding sparklers.  There are many ways to use our sparklers for your special day.  You can use during the ceremony.  Have guests light their sparklers for the grand entrance of the bride.  You can have everyone light up for a sparkle blow-out or just guests along the aisle for a more laid back approach.  Either way adds some additional drama to your final walk as a Miss.

Another idea for use during the ceremony would be to light up at the end between the introduction of Mr. and Mrs. and the walk back up the aisle.  You can choose to have everyone light up, just aisle guests or some other configuration.  Our wedding sparklers shaped like a heart are nearly smoke free, meaning the fire department stays away and you can still see where you are going and allow for a wonderful photo op.  Let the photographer in on whatever plan you use to ensure he will capture that wonderful moment.

Another idea is to have your guests light up your first dance as Mr. and Mrs.  Have someone pass out sparklers as the guests enter the reception space, or place on the tables with a card explaining what to do.  Have the DJ announce that guests should gather around the dance floor in preparation.  The best way to light sparklers is from another sparkler.

Designate one or more people to be the official lighters to get the job done quickly, and then have the dance commence.  Again, let your photographer know so he or she can be ready to snap that shot.  This can be done for the Father/Daughter or Mother/Son dance, either in addition to or instead of.  You can decide what works best for you.

You can use sparklers as a wedding favor.  Add to your centerpieces, add a separate vase or container to the table with several sparklers or tie in bundles with ribbon and invite guests to take home.

You can have guests use our heart-shaped wedding sparklers for your grand finale as you exit from the reception.  Have guests line up in two lines making a “tunnel”.  Once everyone is lit up, the bride and groom will walk between.  Again, let your photographer know so he can be ready.

Sparklers are Trendy

Wedding sparklers are very trendy right now.  They are more versatile than bird seed or rice since they can be used in various ways and a bit more up to date than bubbles.  ViP sparklers add that special touch to your special day.  We can help you shine in ways you never imagined.