Wedding Sparklers For Hawaii

Wedding Sparklers For Your Wedding Day in Hawaii

Tropical destinations are always a big time favorite for newlyweds simply because they have their honeymoons already in mind. This is a fabulous idea that saves the happy couple time and maybe even money in some cases. Being headquartered in sunny Miami, Florida, we are witnesses to the demand for the allure that a tropical paradise can bring to any wedding. Because of this, we also know that Hawaii is one of the most popular destinations for couples worldwide. We have concrete proof of this through the countless number of phone calls we have received from brides and grooms to be regarding the possibility of having our wedding sparklers attend their big day in Hawaii. ViP Sparklers is proud to inform the public that we can fulfill all orders of wedding sparklers and champagne bottle sparklers to Hawaii with our new event party planning company.  We want to make sure every bride has the wedding she envisions and this is how we do our part to ensure that each dream day comes to fruition.

ViP Sparklers Can Ship Wedding Sparklers To Hawaii

Our wide range of wedding sparkler sizes and quantities can and will safely arrive to Hawaii just in time for your big day. Thats right, all of our 10­ inch wedding sparklers, 20 ­inch wedding sparklers, and 36 ­inch wedding sparklers can be ordered with the peace of mind that your exotic wedding location will not pose a problem in terms of shipping.  “Wedding cake sparklers?”, you ask. Yes, wedding cake sparklers too. We offer this accessory in our popular gold or silver colors to match up perfectly with your wedding cake. Whether you need them in Maui or Oahu, ViP Sparklers will make sure that your accessories reach you in time for your wedding too. The calming waters of the island shores, the tropical climate of the South Pacific, and the volcanic views of this historic and iconic territory will only be parts of the magical setting at your wedding.  With ViP Sparklers helping you stamp an exclamation point on what will end up being a perfect day for your ideal wedding.  Our most popular version to date, which is the 36 inch wedding sparkler, has an approximate burn time of over three and a half minutes which can give the bride and groom more than enough time to exit in style and provides ample time for photographers to really capture the moment. If you are planning a shorter and more brief exit, then our 20 ­inch wedding sparkler variety may be the best option for you. For even more wedding sparkler tips and fun ideas, please take a look at the rest of our blog, which is geared at bringing you the latest in wedding style, fashions, and favors to provide you with the most complete list of options for your wedding day. As always, feel free to shoot us an email with any questions or concerns to or call our direct line. With options for regular shipping as well as express shipping, we look forward to helping out all brides and grooms with their Hawaiian destination wedding!