Wedding Sparklers During Winter Time

Wedding Sparklers During The Winter Season

Decorating The Cold Season With Wedding Sparklers

  Cold winds and holiday cheer have a way of just sneaking up on us, and almost always together.  The holidays seem to come and go, but the winter weather just seems to wrap around the calendar year with us, accompanying us through the start of Thanksgiving until it fades away months after ushering us off into the new year. One thing that doesn’t come to a stop is the celebration of love through weddings. Many questions regarding the use of ViP Sparklers during the cold weather season have been brought to our attention by brides­ to ­be from all around the country. This is the perfect opportunity to discuss and explain this topic

From July Through December and beyond At ViP Sparklers, we can assure you that our stainless steel wire core wedding sparklers, when stored in a cool dry place, can be used at any point and time with an approximate 3­-5 year shelf-life. The two occasions that come to mind, aside from weddings, regarding the use of this type of product are July 4th and New Years Eve. Two points in our yearly calendar that will probably be bringing along completely opposite weather conditions. When we celebrate our independence in the opening weeks of summer, the majority of the country is bathed in a midyear heat wave while using sparklers. But when we close out the year at the end of December, even the warmest spots in America are seeing their coldest temperatures. Which goes to show, that in both hot and cold weather conditions, you can expect an ash-less and smokeless wedding sparkler experience with the top quality products at ViP Sparklers.  Wedding sparklers are a perfect option in cold weather do not hesitate to include our 36­ inch wedding sparklers, or 20 ­inch wedding sparklers in your planning process because these wedding sparklers are made using a double dipped process to help ensure they stay lit and have absolutely no malfunctions due to cold weather. “Will the cold temperatures have an effect on my wedding sparklers?”, you ask. “Nope, Never.”, is our response. Thanks to this double dipping process, the bitter and frigid conditions will have no effect on your wedding sparklers. We always recommend using a long barbecue lighter or or butane lighter in cold and windy temperatures. These are products you can easily find at any grocery or convenience store. Once your guests are in place creating the alley for your grand wedding exit, simply light a couple of the wedding sparklers in the end of the line and a couple of sparklers in the front of the line. Once those are lit, all you have to do is touch the sparklers together to light the remaining ones. You will easily have all of the sparklers lit within thirty seconds, leaving you approximately 3 minutes to make your cold weather grand wedding exit in style, with showering sparks warming up the night and lighting up the sky!


Which Wedding Sparklers Are Best In Cold Weather

If you are pondering your wedding sparkler options in cold weather, we kindly suggest going with either 36 ­inch wedding sparklers or the 20 ­inch wedding sparklers. Commonly referred to as #36 and #20 sparklers, respectively, you must always make sure you are purchasing “True Wedding Sparklers”. Very few companies sell wedding sparklers that are made with a steel wire core and are also double dipped, and most of the corporations out there may not be completely open with these product facts. A lot of websites are selling sparklers, nowadays, so it is your due diligence to sift through the options and make sure you are buying the proper sparklers. This effort will guarantee your peace of mind, and will ensure a virtually smokeless and ash­-less display. At ViP Sparklers, we want to know if you have any questions or concerns and we will absolutely help you with any of our wedding sparkler options and other wedding accessories. Please feel free to email us or call us with any of those questions or concerns at And most importantly, when using wedding sparklers in the winter, bundle up, keep warm and stay safe!