Wedding Sparklers During the Day

Weddings Sparklers During The Day

It is common for all brides to have a night time wedding atmosphere as their ideal setting while planning an event involving wedding sparklers. Some times this is not the case or simply is not possible due to many reasons, but we want to assure all potential brides, grooms and wedding planners alike, that the wedding sparklers from ViP Sparklers will create the same amount of magic in the daytime as they do at night. Wedding sparklers are specifically built with a steel wire core to not only be ash-­less and smokeless, but to ensure a beautiful and vibrant spark; day or night. Some brides have sent us photos of our wedding sparklers being used during the daytime and we have posted a couple to show all of you soon­ to ­be newlyweds that you can still add that fairy-­tale ending to your day while the sun is still shining!  At approximately 3.5 to 4 minutes of burn time, the 36­ inch wedding sparkler gives the bride and groom more than enough time to take a casual stroll through the sparklers exit without rushing anything. If your grand wedding exit is scheduled to be a shorter one, the 20 ­inch wedding sparkler may be more up your alley. Either way, as long as you have ordered sparklers specifically built for weddings, you will not have any issues or regrets. Don’t forget you can use these sparklers while taking some fun and creative bridal party photos as well and we hope that by sharing some fabulous images of our own, that you are still consider using wedding sparklers for your big event.  If you ever have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to shoot us an email at or call our main offices to speak to a representative. We are ready to help so give us a call.  ViP Sparklers can help you turn your wedding sparkler ideas into a reality, our full stuff is qualified to help you with all sparkler knowledge and tips and tricks!

Day Time Wedding Sparklers

Many other types of events may also come to mind when considering daytime celebrations. Some, like Chinese calendar holidays and ethnic celebrations, are all around us everywhere; more than we realize. For example, a Jewish tradition like a “Bat Mitzvah” or a traditional Latin celebration for young ladies entering womanhood at age 15, also known as a, “Quinceanera”, are perfect situations that could call for sparklers. With most of these events either taking place in an indoor setting or outdoors, the wedding sparkler has more uses than meets the eye. At ViP Sparklers, we can tailor your sparkler order to accommodate any size or type of event in any venue on any date, and with multiple shipping options to guarantee quick delivery to you, there is no way you can lose.