Wedding Sparklers & Amazing Photography Effects

Wedding Sparklers & Amazing Photography Effects

Wedding Sparklers At ViP Sparklers

Take your wedding sparklers above and beyond with great photo’s for your wedding!  The United States has seen a quick rise in the popularity of wedding sparklers over the past ten years. We have been in this business every step of the way and we only plan on moving forward in that aspect at ViP Sparklers. The most memorable moment in any wedding reception is the warm and exciting farewell send­ off, also known as the the grand wedding exit with sparklers. When the bride and groom exit off into their honeymoon, the farewells and well wishes are completely honest and genuine. It is a truly authentic moment, but today, we wanted to share another exciting way to use our ViP Wedding Sparklers.

Producing great images does not always take a significant amount of time or work when using true wedding sparklers. Notifying your photographer that you would like to take some images creating special effects with our wedding sparklers is a great way to eliminate the element of surprise, and an even better way to ensure that everyone who is going to be involved is also completely prepared. Most wedding photographers already have an adequate amount of experience working with wedding sparklers and will have no problem producing these spectacular images for you. Even if they don’t, you can simply explain to them how to create some of these images and they can take it from there. Sparklers naturally create a shutter effect which will allow you to create an image like you have never seen before. We want to make sure all our brides and grooms know that you can find various ways to incorporate our sparklers, so keep in mind that in addition to using our wedding sparklers for the big day photos, there are several other moments that are there for you to capture. We’ve had a tremendous number of couples use these sparklers for engagement pictures and romantic moments, so play with the ideas and send us in some pictures from your wedding. We love when our customers send in pictures and who knows, you might even see your pictures on one of our blogs one day.

True Wedding Sparklers At ViP Sparklers

When it comes to picking the best wedding sparklers for making fun creative photo’s with your names or “love” spelled out we recommend using our 20 inch wedding sparklers.  Our 20 inch wedding sparklers at ViP Sparklers give you a burn time of over two minutes which is more than enough time to create these stunning photo’s.  You can even use our 36 inch wedding sparklers which have an even longer burn time of over three minutes, but when using quick movements we have found it is best to use 20 inch wedding sparklers.  By not having as long of a sparkler allows for cleaner word writing and a better shutter effect.  There are many creative ways to use these wedding sparklers which I have attached some pictures in this blog to help give some idea’s.  We love hearing back from brides and getting new ideas to pass on to future brides using wedding sparklers!  Being in the wedding sparkler business for over ten years has given us a lot of information and helpful tips when using wedding sparklers, but you would be surprised we always find new and exciting way to use them every year.  With wedding sparklers growing in popularity it is only a matter of time until we hear a new breathtaking way to use them in your wedding! Please send us all pictures along with any comments or concerns to, so we can share the pictures and answer any of your questions directly. Have fun and spread the word to all your friends and loved ones that at ViP Sparklers, we know weddings!