Wedding Sparklers

Wedding Sparklers Success At Weddings

Grand wedding exits have been a cherished addition to wedding ceremonies for hundreds of years. There have been many different ways of conducting the wedding exit. Over the years traditions have changed from flowers, to rice, sometimes confetti and now sparklers. Sparklers have been a part of many holidays and celebrations. Here at ViP Sparklers we are happy to supply our wedding community with sparklers made especially for weddings. The wedding sparkler comes in 4 major sizes and custom shapes. True wedding sparklers are durable yet sparkle brightly and can be mix and matched to various quantities. Wedding sparklers from ViP Sparklers can be shipped worldwide and have a variety of shipping options.Our wedding sparklers come in three major sizes. Our 36 inch wedding sparklers burn for about 3.5 to 4 minutes. These are superior sparklers for sparkler writing, photo shoots and long grand wedding exits. The 20 inch wedding sparklers burn for about 2.5 to 3 minutes. The 10 inch premium sparklers burn for about 1.5 to 2 minutes. We also supply a custom heart sparkler that is hand crafted in a shape of a heart which burns for 2.5 to 3 minutes. Another popular product we offer at ViP Sparklers are the cake sparklers which sparkle for about 1.5 minutes.

Wedding Sparkler Sizes and Quantities On Sale

Our wedding sparklers come in preset quantities for most products. These variations were acquired by research from wedding and event planners nationwide. Our smallest package of wedding sparklers is 48. 48 wedding sparklers are ideal for small intimate weddings that have simple and quick wedding exits. 96 wedding sparklers are the average order sizes for weddings of 80-120 guests. This allows the customers to have an economical amount of sparklers at their event. 144 sparklers are commonly purchased for larger events that wish to include guests to join in on photo shoots and grand wedding exits. 288 is the ultimate package of sparklers. This make it possible to have several attempts at a grand wedding exit. You can also have multiple photo shoots and use sparklers for engagement photos, invitations, thanks you cards and wedding favors. With the different sizes available you can mix and match quantity with size to create the most personalized sparkler package.

Free Shipping Sparklers For Weddings

With every event, there must be order and organization. We are one of the few companies that supply our customers with wedding sparkler buckets. Wedding sparkler buckets are durable to trap heat and keep your guests safe before the grand wedding exit and after. Use the Wedding sparkler bucket to store the burnt out sparklers top down in the rice or sand. The handles can be the the sand or rice before being used during the grand wedding exit. 

With the ability to offer personalized package of your sparkler purchase we are also able to offer various shipping options to meet your events deadline. The Smart Shipping option takes between 9 – 14 business days. Our 2 Day Shipping is only eligible in certain states. We also have our 3 Day Shipping that is eligible in certain states along with the 4 Day Shipping. The most economical option we have is the Ground Shipping option which takes 5 – 6 business days.