Wedding Sparkler Questions and Answers

Wedding Sparkler Questions

We’re tackling the most popular wedding sparkler questions. We’ll cover questions such as the different sparkler sizes, how to use wedding sparklers, and the benefits of including this special item in your wedding checklist.

What are wedding sparklers?
Wedding Sparklers are an upper-class type of sparklers most often used in Weddings. Wedding Sparklers offer clear, virtually smokeless and ashless sparkles for amazing wedding photographs. Its popularity is steadily growing with more and more venues accepting the use of wedding sparklers. It is a popular, modern wedding trend that fits perfectly with wedding budgets.

How popular are wedding sparklers?
Wedding Sparklers are extremely popular! One of the greatest advantages is their ability to blend well with almost any wedding theme. Wedding venues are increasingly allowing sparklers on site given the top quality of wedding sparklers and its main use: grand wedding exits. Wedding photographers are also beginning to get creative with wedding sparklers, which adds to the appeal of including sparklers on your wedding day.

Why do people use wedding sparklers?
People use wedding sparklers because it offers a bonding opportunity with their guests and delivers beautiful wedding pictures! Sparklers add a fun twist to any wedding event and create Cinderella themed pictures. People are trying to rekindle the celebratory aspect of weddings and step away from the stress and “by the book” approach.

Can I use sparklers at my wedding?
You can use wedding sparklers at your wedding as long as your venue allows it. You can always order a sample ahead of time for your venue to test. We’ve worked with a few wedding venues that were hesitant to allow sparklers but could not refuse after seeing the quality of the sparklers. Bride and Grooms should be allowed to include sparklers in their wedding, so please speak with your venue to confirm if they allow sparklers.

What kind of sparklers can I use at my wedding?
Using True Wedding Sparklers for your wedding is the best option. These types of sparklers are the best for weddings because they are the only type of sparklers that offer perfect wedding sparkler pictures in a safe manner. There are different sizes of sparklers, but as long as they are true wedding sparklers, any option will perform beautifully at your wedding.

What sparklers are best for my wedding?
The best sparklers for your wedding depend on two things: are they true wedding sparklers and which size sparkler size to choose. True wedding sparklers are top quality sparklers that sparkle evenly and clearly; they have a steel wire core that contributes to the virtually smokeless sparkles. Most sparkler companies offer 10, 20, and 36inch sparklers. Deciding what you want to use your sparklers for determines which sparkler size is best for you.

What sparkler size should I use?
The sparkler size you decide to use depends on the amount of guests at your wedding, what you’re planning to use the sparklers for, and which size is allowed by your wedding venue. The most popular sparkler size is the 36 inch wedding sparklers; it offers a lengthy sparkling time of 3.5 – 4 minutes, which allows for several exit trials: more exit trials = more pictures.

Who sells wedding sparklers?
There are several wedding sparkler companies to choose from. A few companies actually offer true wedding sparklers while others sell firework sparklers. All sparkler companies are based online and can only ship sparklers to your home or wedding venue. When shopping for sparklers, make sure you purchase from a company that offers top quality, steel wire core sparklers. With ordering from ViP Sparklers, rest assure that you are receiving top quality wedding sparklers.

What are the benefit of using wedding sparklers?
One of the best benefits of using wedding sparklers is the memorable wedding pictures. Top quality sparklers are also safe when used properly given the lack of smoke and ash it emits once lit. When paired with wedding sparkler buckets, sparklers can safely be stored before and after it’s used.

What are true wedding sparklers?
True wedding sparklers are top quality sparklers used in special events such as weddings. We feel the best sparklers on the market are wedding sparklers because they sparkle evenly and consistently with minimal ash and smoke. Wedding venues are more often willing to accept sparklers if true wedding sparklers are used rather than traditional 4th of July sparklers.

How do you use wedding sparklers?
Wedding sparklers are built with a steel core that is ultimately used as a handle on one end and houses the sparkler composition on the other. Customers can use a butane BBQ lighter (preferably) to light the sparkler. Once lit, you simply wave the sparkler as it sparkles from top to bottom.

What else should I buy if I’m using sparklers?
If you’re using sparklers, wedding sparkler package, punks, and tags can be purchased to complete the sparkler experience. Sparkler buckets are used to safely display your sparklers before they are used. They can also be used to dispose of your sparklers. Punks are a great way to light your sparklers by eliminating the presence of an open flame throughout your sparkler experience. Sparkler tags are used to decorate your wedding sparkler with details such as the sparkler exit time and the name of the bride and groom.

Things to consider when using sparklers
There are a couple of very important things to consider when using sparklers. One of the most important questions to answer is the quality of the sparkler. You want to make sure you purchase true wedding sparklers. Next, confirm if sparklers can be used at your venue. Finally, you want to decide which sparkler size is best for you depending on the number of guests and the activity the sparklers will be used for.

What is a wedding exit?
A Wedding Exit is the most popular way to use wedding sparklers. Usually at the end of the night (reception), guests will form two parallel lines to create a “runway” for the bride and groom to dash through. Depending on how much sparkling time your sparkler offers, the bride and groom can take several trips down their sparkler-filled wedding exit.

Can kids use sparklers?
Kids can use wedding sparklers although we always suggest parental supervision. Depending on their age, you may want to consider which sparkler size is most appropriate. Once a sparkler is lit, it is extremely hot and should be handled with caution. We always recommend using sparklers with caution, whether you are an adult or a child. Sparkle responsibly!

Where can I find wholesale wedding sparklers?
Very few companies offer wholesale wedding sparklers. While some sparkler companies give you bulk options, not many offer wholesale prices. VIP Sparklers has the best prices on the market and extend their wholesale prices to customers (not just vendors). They also offer custom orders for customers who do not wish to purchase their popular bundles.

How long are wedding sparklers?
The longest wedding sparkler on the market is 36 inches in length. The next longest sparkler is the 20 inch sparkler followed by the 10 inch sparkler. Depending on what you plan to use your sparklers for as well as the number of guests at your event, each sparkler has its strengths and weaknesses. We always recommend speaking with your venue just in case they have any restrictions on sparkler sizes.