Wedding Sparkler As Centerpieces

Wedding Sparklers Can Make for Impressive Centerpieces

Table centerpieces play a crucial role in the planning of your wedding or any other type of event for that matter. While some may be fixed centerpieces, the tables and their presentation to guests may change throughout the course of your wedding reception. Centerpieces have always been and are still one of the most important decor displays at any wedding venue. From different color schemes to varying themes, centerpieces should always match with the wedding venues’ individual and personal decor and color patterns theme. Designing the layouts and properly displaying these centerpieces requires much time and planning, but a little emphasis on this aspect will always help make sure that the wedding reception and dinner are that much more intimate, while adding a unique touch that will be remembered by all of your guests for a very long time.  Eco ­friendly style items, mostly flowers and birds, are kept as centerpieces in most weddings. But if your preference is to stay away from the norm of these types of centerpieces and want to have a more interactive, yet fun type of layout, where your guests can participate in the execution of your plans. Then look no further than a wedding sparkler centerpiece. There is a wide range of possible combinations and many various and creative ways to display these wedding sparklers as centerpieces or maybe even just sprinkle in a few amongst the reception tables. Wedding sparklers are magical in all of their simplicity, but can also make for an eloquent, yet elegant display in the center of one or all of the tables at your reception. When making wedding sparkler centerpieces you don’t need any crafts, any knowledge; not even any expertise. This will instantly be regarded as one of the best and most attractive ideas and will be comparably more affordable than any other centerpiece option. These wedding sparklers can be used to decorate the reception hall and at the end of the evening, the guests can use these sparklers to send off the newlyweds and say farewell to the honeymoon bound couple.

Using Wedding Sparklers To Attract Your Guests

Of the numerous ways to use ViP Sparklers wedding sparklers around the table to create an eye­ catching display, here are a few more specific examples to help you get an idea of which route you would like to follow when designing your own display. Simply unpacking the wedding sparklers in pairs and tying them together at the center with a fine piece of colored ribbon cloth and hook ties is an uncomplicated, yet elegant way to adorn your tables. These sparkler centerpieces work beautifully and appear very well on small dining room tables, while serving as a classy way to attract your guests’ attention. Aligning the wedding sparklers in such a way will resemble the appearance of flower bouquets and at the same time, can also be used for the grand sparkler exit, which will make for the most breathtaking images and vivid photographs. Furthermore, the wedding sparklers can also be put together with flowers and candles to enhance the entire centerpiece. The only thing that should always be remembered, is to make sure not to confuse your guests into thinking they are supposed to light the sparklers with the candles present, so place and position  with much care and strategy and your vision will became a glamorous reality. Another classic idea would be to add candles and flowers to the sparklers to make a livelier and lovelier centerpiece at your wedding reception. If you are planning to use wedding sparklers for your grand wedding exit or as a centerpiece, please let our staff know at ViP Sparklers. We offer all sizes of wedding sparklers and various other wedding products and we have been happily serving brides for over ten years. Our 36 inch wedding sparklers happen to be our most popular wedding sparkler. Due to the 36 inch wedding sparklers being so long it allows for a three and half minute to four minute burn time. This allows all of your wedding guests to not feel rushed and for the newlyweds to casually walk through all of the wedding sparklers. We are dedicated to helping answer any questions or concerns you may have as we pledge to guide you to the exact sparkler variety appropriate for your event. Feel free to send us an email at or call our main offices.