Wedding Season Means Wedding Sparklers For Sale

Wedding Sparklers For Sale

At ViP Sparklers it’s now become our busiest time of the year with wedding season in full force.  This means all of our true wedding sparklers are flying off the shelfs and into grand wedding exit send offs for newlyweds every weekend!  With the 4th of July just passing which marks the middle of wedding season, we are happy to announce our wedding season sale for all wedding sparklers!  We are happy to announce our wedding sparkler package is now further discounted.  ViP Sparklers is one of the only companies to offer a complete wedding sparklers package all in one.  Most competitors only offer wedding sparklers, tags, and vases as all add on purchases that you need to individually buy at very expensive prices.  Since we specialize in our true wedding sparklers and offer custom tags and the ideal wedding bucket sizes we’ve decided to group all of them together and offer the best prices possible for you!  We understand how important it is to find wedding sparklers for sale and our goal is to help every bride find the ideal sparkler for their big wedding night!

Sparklers For Weddings

When it comes to our wedding sparkler package we allow you the option to fully customize your order.  We understand that every order of wedding sparklers is unique and can either be very large or small.  So when you decide to choose our package you will a tremendous amounts of ability to mix and match for the ideal wedding exit!  We allow the option to pick any size sparkler for your wedding.  You can either choose from our 36 inch wedding sparklers, 20 inch wedding sparklers, or our 10 inch sparklers.  Now depending on the size of your wedding will ultimately help decide which one to choose.  Our biggest option is 36 inch sparkler which is ideal for larger events and weddings with a burn time of nearly four minutes.  We recommend using this size when having guests of one hundred and fifty or more.  These are our most popular sparklers for weddings due to it’s extended burn time. With the added time you will never have to worry about rushing to make sure the exit is complete and your grand exit will be flawless.  Due to it’s length when these sparklers are raised into the air the pictures come out amazing as it seems the newlyweds are walking under the bright lights shinning bright!  Our 20 inch wedding sparklers are just as popular and are considered the most economical.  These sparklers are for your average wedding size and offer a burn time of two minutes, which is a lot of time for the wedding exit!  If you have a small wedding of around fifty guests then look no further than our 10 inch sparklers for weddings.

Wedding Sparkler Tags

ViP Sparklers is happy to announce the ability to offer our custom tags for your sparklers.  Look no further than a better way to dress up these sparklers than with this unique touch. Your guests will absolutely know you will be doing a sparkler sendoff and will really love the added touch!  When it comes to weddings these days, it’s the small additions that make your wedding stand out!  With the wedding sparklers for sale package we will automatically being supplying this with your sparklers!  We give you the ability to write whatever message you would like on your sparklers.  For example, a lot of guests prefer to write, “Kristen & Tom Sparklers Send-Off at 11pm” or “Sparks Will Fly At 10pm.”  The catchy phrases are endless!  When checking out we have a special area for notes so you can include exactly what you would like.  Our expert team at ViP Sparklers will speak with you directly to help ensure they come out flawless!  We even send out a PDF image so you can see exactly what you will receive with our wedding tags for the sparklers.

Wedding Sparkler Buckets

The Last part we offer with our wedding sparkler package is our sparkler buckets!  These tin buckets for wedding sparklers are the best way to showcase your sparklers!  When your guests first arrive you can proudly display your sparklers for your wedding.  These wedding buckets aren’t good for display, but also make it super easy for your guests to easily grab a sparkler as they go outside and exit.  These buckets for sparklers do one last thing brides often overlook when deciding to use sparklers and that’s the cleanup process!  Once the final spark goes out all of your wedding guests will need somewhere to dispose of the sparklers!  Well, these buckets filled with a little bit of sand are ideal!  These wedding sparkler buckets will be the best add on when deciding to use sparklers!

When you decide you want to use sparklers for your wedding please take a look at our wedding sparkler package!  By combing everything you need in one you will save about 15% of your entire order! Our mission is to make our wedding sparklers affordable for all brides and most importantly special!  ViP Sparklers offers the absolute best true wedding sparklers on the market and now with an even better way to save at the same time!  We even offer free shipping on all orders now!  As wedding season is in full force, don’t miss out on this opportunity to sparkle at the end of your wedding night!