VIP sparklers:  Long lasting Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers!

Long Lasting Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers

For too long, we have seen a need for sparklers meant just to celebrate you and that special someone.  We’ve designed a sparkler specifically for romantic events, such as weddings, anniversaries, or engagement parties!  These sparklers have a lovely heart shape, making them unique in their design, and clearly themed to complement your celebration!  With our Gold or silver options, they also will go with virtually any color theme and look lovely at the same time!

These sparklers are designed to not only celebrate a specific theme, but also to form a wonderful decoration.  We know that you want sparklers that can look just as amazing lit as they do decorating tables or being lain out to grab.  Instead of the drab black topping that many of the traditional sparklers have, we make sure to coat the entire sparkler in your choice of gold or silver – making a uniformed and lovely decorative piece for tables.  No longer will you have to keep the sparklers off in a corner until they are ready to be lit – you can proudly display them as center pieces and other accent pieces!

Indoor and smokeless heart sparklers? You bet!

That’s right!  These heart shaped sparklers can be used indoors!  With our smokeless and ash-less design, you are able to safely use these sparklers anywhere – without worrying about fire on your special day! With the lack of smoke, you can also form a wonderful tunnel of sparklers for newlyweds to walk through – without hindering your photographer’s ability to capture that special moment.

In addition, you can safely light these sparklers virtually anywhere. In a church or other indoor venue? Don’t worry about it!  Without ash or smoke, you won’t have to worry about starting fires, setting off a fire alarm, or causing any burns in the carpet. These hearts are beautiful and can be easily held throughout a ceremony, to immediately celebrate that milestone you and your loved one have vowed to take together.

Where to buy Heart Shaped Sparklers?

Buying these sparklers is easier than ever!  By simply visiting, you will be able to find options to all of our sparklers and accessories.  Simple click on the picture for heart shaped/wedding sparklers, and you will be brought to the ordering page for that specific style – no potential for mistakes or accidental orders! With our variety of sales options, you can buy just a few, or a large number.  You can also buy in more than one color!

When ordering, you may want to keep in mind that these amazing sparklers burn for approximately 1 minute.  We recommend purchasing a minimum of 2 per guest, to ensure that all of your photos featuring sparklers come out perfect!  And with our competitive prices, now you can afford to as well.  We offer special pricing on our bulk orders, making it easier than ever to afford even the largest orders for your events – without breaking the bank!  So grab some sparklers today, and celebrate your romantic events in style!