Valentine’s Day Wedding Sparkler Ideas

Valentine’s Day 2017 is here! With hearts being the universal mascot of Valentine’s Day, we are proud to continue our Heart Sparkler sale this year! We offer virtually smokeless, steel wire core sparklers at some of the best prices in the wedding industry! If you are looking to surprise your special someone this year, we have a few great romantic valentine’s day wedding sparkler ideas!

What is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day, is a world wide recognized holiday, though not a legally recognized holiday. In the United States, over 190 million “valentine’s day” cards are exchanged! With a bit of a fuzzy history, valentine’s day slowly became associated with love due to poetry, which perhaps explains why valentine’s day cards are still one of the most popular gifts to exchange with your significant other. It wasn’t until the 19th century that Valentine’s Day customs spread worldwide. For example, Valentine’s Day reached Japan around 1930 and India in the 1990’s. Companies slowly began advertising products for valentine’s day such as hearts, chocolates, flowers, and apparel.

Today, valentine’s day is celebrated worldwide on different dates. In the United States, February 14th is the official celebratory day. On the other hand, the UK named January 25th as Valentine’s Day and Brazil on June 12th.

Heart Sparkler Mini-shoot Ideas

One of the greatest features of heart sparklers are, of course, the sparkles! Think of a place that carries a lot of significance in your relationship and plan a personal photoshoot. If you’re on a budget, perhaps a friend who owns a high quality camera can do you the favor of being your personal photographer. Heart Sparklers have a growing essence during sunsets, so it’s best to take advantage of a sunset-inspired sparkler photoshoot if you’re looking for breathtaking pictures! With each sparkler lasting about 45 seconds, you’ll have plenty of time to try multiple angles. Our heart sparklers are packaged in six, so you’ll also have a few extra sparklers just in case you need them.

Be creative! Try two heart sparklers at once or multiple locations! If you’re near the beach, feel free to get your feet wet for the sake of a fantastic sparkler picture! Then dry off on shore with a beach inspired picnic and a few heart sparklers in lieu of candles. Keep in mind that you can also photograph with unlit heart sparklers!

Heart Sparkler Dessert Ideas

Just in case you’re more of a minimalist, we recommend a simple heart sparkler dessert idea. Though you may need someone to take the picture for you, a bystander is an option, this valentine’s day idea is simple yet romantic. With our heart sparklers firmly secured on your special dessert, a simple match or lighter will start the show! Simply sit back and pose for a one of a kind valentine’s day memory!

If you’re having lunch somewhere special, we recommend calling the restaurant and requesting permission to use a sparkler. Some restaurants actually offer a traditional sparkler with their desserts, so it might be easier than you expect. Though there are some restaurants that may feel uncomfortable with the idea, if you are attending a restaurant with outside seating, you are more likely to get the approval you’re looking for!

Valentine’s Day Wedding Sparkler Ideas

Some couples are very lucky to celebrate their special day this Valentine’s Day. If you’re getting married on the week of Valentine’s Day, congratulations! You are truly marking one of your most important days on a week surrounded by love, romance, and appreciation. Your wedding day deserves something much bigger than a photoshoot. In case you are looking for a twist to your wedding exit, we strongly recommend incorporating wedding sparklers.

While some couples appreciate the tradition of rice throwing after the ceremony, more and more newlyweds are searching for alternative ideas. Wedding sparklers, being one of the fastest growing wedding trends in the past 10 years, offers a unique wedding exit experience. Not only will it look fantastic on film, but your guests will enjoy their personal involvement! Some guests may have enjoyed sparklers as kids but never had the opportunity nor occasion to indulge once more! There are 101 reasons why your wedding exit will be extra special if you choose to have a sparkler exit!